Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept

Howell, Dr. Edward

Original publication date: 1985
Original publisher: Wayne, New Jersey: Avery Publishing Group
Publication status: Sample of copyright registered work

Dr. Howell’s statement about what constitutes proper human nutrition. This last and most up-to-date version is currently in print; it is easily and inexpensively obtained. It should be studied by anyone seeking a full understanding of human diet’s contribution to health or disease. Because it is in print only one chapter can be legally offered. Chosen is the first chapter, Howell’s introduction to the subject. It is being offered in hopes that reading it will inspire the reader to obtain and read the entire text. Avery’s book is not quite the same text as Howell’s original but it is far more comprehensible to the average reader. The book is available through all the usual outlets.

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