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Nature Cure: Philosophy and Practice Based on the Unity of Disease and Cure


Lindlahr, Henry, M.D.

Original publication date: 1913
Original publisher: Chicago: Nature Cure Publishing Co
Publication status: Public domain


Lindlahr brought German Nature Cure to the States. In this remarkable century-old book will be found every new-agey, new-thought, self-help therapy currently in the public mind as well as the best of natural medical wisdom. My apologies in advance for the almost certain presence of many minor errors concerning uniformity of style. Lindlahr’s copy editing was rather unprofessional and not consistent; although soilandhealth library tried to improve on the job, we have certainly missed many commas and improper capitalizations and the like.

There is another online pdf version of this book that has been deeply revised, abridged and expanded. Some original items are missing, probably because the original issuer considered these excised bits to be irrelevant or too controversial or incorrect in light of today’s knowledge. That pdf version also contains two new chapters intended to “update” or “broaden” Lindlahr, and also offers numerous helpfully-intended comments, mostly in the form of footnotes, that a novice to the study of this area may find quite useful, as they frequently explain Lindlahr’s archaic language or modify, justify or rationalize his viewpoints (and what the editor considered his errors) in the light of more modern knowledge. The Soil and Health Library version is, on the other hand, as accurate a rendering of the original as could be done.

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