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  • You Can Overcome Asthma
    (1993) Sinclair, Ian

    Available here with the permission of the Author is one chapter of this admirable book. The book itself can be purchased via mail order from Sinclair’s admirable website,

  • Winning The Cancer War Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation
    (2005) Kelley, Dr. William Donald with Rohé,Fred

    William Kelley, D.D.S. treated cancer patients with a similar to Max Gerson’s. Kelley asserted that “wrong foods [cause] malignancy to grow, while proper foods [allow] natural body defenses to work.”

  • Why I Left Orthodox Medicine
    (1994) Lonsdale, Derrick, M.D.

    Inspiring book that explains the whys of why a fully qualified and successful medical doctor abandoned AMA style practice and took up something resembling orthomolecular medicine.

  • What You Always Wanted To Know About Sclerology
    (1978) Donsbach, Kurt D.C., Ph.D.

    Analysis of markings on the sclera (white of eye) is a simpler system for indicating the current state of bodily function than iridiology.

  • What Really Causes MS
    (2006) Foster, Harry

    Harry Foster gave permission for this library to offer valuable books that he also provides free of charge from his own website.

  • What Really Causes Alzheimer’s Disease
    (2004) Foster, Harry

    Harry Foster is a geologist/geographer who discovered that the frequency of Alzheimers varied with certain environmental circumstances, such as the amount of aluminum in the soil/environment.

  • What Really Causes AIDS
    (2003) Foster, Harry

    In the African country of Senegal there is virtually no AIDS yet the population is highly sexually active. This correlates with the high level of selenium in Senegalese soils.

  • Versterking van de ogen. Een Systeem van Wetenschappelijke Oog Training
    (1925) MacFadden, Bernarr

    Strengthening the eyes. A System of Scientific Eye Training that has been translated into Dutch.

  • Vaccination: The Hidden Facts
    (1992) Sinclair, Ian

    Available here with the permission of the Author is one chapter of this fine book. The book itself can be purchased via mail order from Sinclair’s admirable website,

  • Universal Immunization
    (1998) Obomsawin, Raymond, Ph.D.

    Childhood immunization is exposed as a dangerous fraud. Obomsawin points to nutrition and soil fertility as the real solutions.

  • Triumph Over Disease by Fasting and Natural Diet
    (1977) Goldstein, Jack

    A testimonial; the story of a young man whose body had been so severely damaged by conventional medical treatment for ulcerative colitis that he was near death. In the nick of time he discovered natural hygiene, fasted for over 40 days and began to recover health and enjoyment of life.

  • Toxemia Explained
    (1935) Tilden, J. H., M.D.

    Perhaps the finest explanation ever written about why a body gets sick and what to do about it.

  • Toward High Level Health
    (1959) Thomson, James C.

    This is a powerful—yet relatively brief—polemic against the medical model. Thomson shows in excruciating detail how the drugging system, in combination with schools, the press, the national "health" system, etc., virtually brainwashes the public so that they automatically discount any approach but the official medical model.

  • Tooth Truth: A Patient’s Guide to Metal-Free Dentistry
    (1995) Jerome, Frank J., D.D.S.

    This book is definitely not recommended by the American Dental Association.

  • Timeline for the Life and Hard Times of Dr. Shelton
    Bidwell, Victoria

    An brief admiring biography and complete historical bibliography of Shelton by a staunch follower, Victoria Bidwell.

  • Therapeutic Fasting
    (1963) DeVries, Arnold

    A complete, sensitive and intelligent survey of fasting and of fasting literature. Arnold DeVries was an American researcher, writer and hygienist, who already in the 1950’s changed from a fruitarian (Fountain of Youth, 1946) to a paleolithic diet. (See the Longevity Library for more of his books.)

  • The Truth About Water Fluoridation, Second Edition
    (1952) Perkins, Charles Eliot

    As the title says.

  • The True Healing Art. Or, Hygienic vs. Drug Medication
    Trall, J. R.

    Trall’s gave this lecture during the American War Between The States. It is one of the first cogent, consistent statements of the hygienic viewpoint.

  • The Therapeutics of Fasting – text only
    (1942) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    The text only version of The Therapeutics of Fasting.

  • The Therapeutics of Fasting
    (1942) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    As the title states.

  • The Theory of Cosmotherapy
    (1941) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    Available here are six of the original fifteen booklets in this series. One of them contains an interesting list of Székely’s publications as of the date of issue.

  • The Scientific Basis of Toxemia
    (June 1981) Immerman, Alan M., D.C.

    From the American Chiropractic Journal; discusses the theory of toxemia.

  • The Question of V.D.
    (circa 1945) Thomson, James C.

    The treatment of syphilis had long been a most lucrative money maker for the medical profession. But there may have been no such disease. In fact, the destructive symptoms of so-called tertiary syphilis are merely the poisoning of medical drugging.

  • The Pulse Test
    (1956) Coca, Arthur F., M.D.

    Many disease conditions are caused by food allergies. The book explains a simple method of testing for allergies that it can be self-applied by anyone possessing determination and reasonable intelligence.

  • The Price of Civilization: The Causes, Prevention and Cure of Human Cancer
    (ca. 1945) Perkins, Charles Eliot
  • The Prevention of Incurable Disease
    (1959) Bircher-Benner, M., M.D.

    Translated from the German by Dr. E.F. Meyer

  • The Philosophy of Health or Health Without Medicine
    (1848) Coles, L.B., M.D.

    Coles’ recomendations are generally sensible and accord well with the developing understanding of hygienic practice. Ellen White, founder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, plagiarized Coles.

  • The Philosophy of Fasting: A Message for Sufferers and Sinners
    (ca. 1905) Purinton, Edward Earle

    Purinton’s book is mostly about the mental and spiritual benefits of fasting and the state of mind one needs to cultivate in order to fast safely and with a good result.

  • The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens: The True Story of the Efforts to Suppress an Alternative Treatment for Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immunologically Based Diseases
    (1991) Bird, Christopher

    The long title says it all. Sensitively written by the author of quite popular books that remain in print, including The Secret Life of Plants and Secrets Of The Soil.

  • The New Science of Healing or the doctrine of the Oneness of all Diseases, forming the basis of a Uniform Method of Cure, without Medicines and without Operations
    (circa. 1892, translated from the original German) Kuhne, Louis

    The theory of toxemia was fundamental to Khune’s practice. This book is one of the few in hygienic literature that considers tropical diseases such as leprosy and tropical fevers as well as offering a thorough discussion of the treatment of tuberculosis.

  • The Natural Way to Health
    (1939) Lindlahr, Victor H

    Victor was the son and prime assistant to his father, Henry. After Henry’s death, Victor carried on the practice. This book also provides insight into the character and personal/family life of the Lindlahr family.

  • The Miracle of Garlic
    (1978) Airola, Paavo
  • The Immerman Files
    (2009 or later) Immerman, Alan M., D.C.

    Dr. Alan Immerman collected every available scrap of published scientific evidence issued between 1880 and 1980 that supported Natural Hygiene/Nature Cure. This material (a seven foot tall stack of photocopies) was then scanned by Dr. Immerman. All these articles are available for free download, organized by topic.

  • The Hygienic System, Vol. VI, Orthopathy
    (1939) Shelton, Herbert M.

    The word "orthopathy" means something like "corrective suffering," or "repairing disease by experiencing the symptoms instead of suppressing them." Contains one of Shelton’s most powerful statements of the fundamental nature of natural hygiene.

  • The Hygienic System, Vol. III, Fasting and Sun Bathing, Third Revised Edition
    (1950. First Published 1934) Shelton, Herbert M.

    An exhaustive study of therepeutic fasting, Shelton claimed to have conducted over twenty-five thousand fasts, ranging in duration from three days to more than two months. Even if this is an overstatement, likely no one else has ever equaled his experience with fasting.

  • The Hygienic System, Vol. II, Orthotrophy, Sixth Edition
    (1975. First published 1935) Shelton, Herbert M.

    What constitutes a proper and healthy diet has long been the matter of the great controversy. Here is Shelton’s thorough examination of eating and foodstuffs. Includes food combining, feeding infants and children, the digestive system, etc.

  • The Hygienic Care of Children
    (1931) Shelton, Herbert M.

    Shelton at his most aggressive; a vigorous defence of innocent children. The book was very shoddily printed and lacked copy-editing. Don’t miss the very last chapter wherein Shelton ruthlessly attacks the AMA-medicos for their greed and willful killing of the young; don’t miss his detailed condemnation of vaccination.

  • The Health Revolution – Fifth Edition
    (1997) Horne, Ross

    Ross Horne explains natural hygiene/nature cure clearly and simply in a modern, scientific manner using the latest medical research. If you are suffering from life-threatening disease, this book may save your life. Provides an objective discussion of proper diet; it strongly recommends a raw-food diet.

  • The Healing Factor: "Vitamin C" Against Disease
    (1972) Stone, Irwin

    Irwin Stone asserted that humans require much larger amounts of Vitamin C for optimal health than is necessary to prevent scurvy. He introduced Linus Pauling to Vitamin C and is recognised within orthomolecular medicine as one of its founders.

  • The Hazards of Immunization
    (1967) Wilson, Sir Graham S.

    Wilson’s book won’t interest the general reader. In fact, the general reader will find its full-blown medical terminology so entirely daunting that it is a virtual certainty they’ll give up on it after going unconscious attempting to follow the first chapter. The information in this book, however, supplies infinite ammunition to anti-immunization activists.

  • The Hadwen Papers
    (ca. 1896-1925) Hadwen, Dr.

    Dr. Hadwen was a passionate opponent of Jennerian smallpox vaccination. These are a collection of his magazine pieces and a rousing speech, so vivid the reader feel present at an anti-vaccination rally.

  • The Fundamental Basis of Iris Diagnosis
    (1969 Translated from the German by A.W. Priest) Kriege, Theodor

    A complete manual of iridiagnosis.

  • The Fasting Cure
    (circa 1920) Sinclair, Upton

    A famous author’s personal experience with the fasting cure. The main chapter of this book, "Perfect Health" is also offered in French, the translation, Parfaite Santé!, translation courtesy of Paul Barbu & Diane Hébert.

  • The Essential Aloe Vera
    (1996) Atherton, Dr. Peter

    Interesting and valuable information about Aloe and its uses. Thanks are owed to The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists, at, the leading professional body for qualified iridologists in the UK, for providing this scan.

  • The Drama of Fluorine: Arch Enemy of Mankind
    (1953) Spira, Leo, M.D.

    Dr. Spira spend his life researching the effects of fluorine. His conclusions and dire warnings have been ignored.

  • The Definitive Cure of Chronic Constipation
    (1922) Ehret, Arnold

    A short essay that was almost certainly written by Arnold Ehret and not the product of either Benedict Lust or Fred Hirsch, two disciples that issued what they represented to be a bibliography of Ehret’s publications. Also, find a full, accurate bibliography recently obtained by this library.

  • The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses
    (1920) Bates, W.H., M.D.

    A well-known alternative healing method.

  • The Cure For All Cancers
    (1993) Clark, Hulda Regehr

    The title says it all.

  • The Cruel Hoax called Herpes Genetalis!
    (1983) Shelton, Herbert M, Susan Hazard and T.C. Fry

    A 96 page stapled booklet. The many typographical errors, ideosyncratic word choices and incorrect spellings have not been changed in this scan because they illustrate the nature of the authors.

  • The Colon Health Handbook: New Health Through Colon Rejuvenation
    (Fifth Revised Edition, 1982) Gray, Robert

    This 78 page booklet gives straightforward, easy-to-understand answers to questions surrounding colon health. It explains how the condition of the colon strongly influences the health of the entire body. The book provides self-administered techniques to regain colon health without enemas or colonics.

  • The Clinical Aspect Of Chronic Poisoning By Aluminium and its Alloys
    (1933) Spira, Leo, M.D.

    A monograph of 30 pages that discusses the nature of fluorine poisoning.

  • The Balanced Diet
    (1936) Clendening, Logan, M.D.

    Dr. Clendening was a popular write in the 1920s and 30s. This book reflects "the newer knowledge of nutrition."

  • Syphilis: Is it a Mischievous Myth or a Malignant Monster
    (1962) Shelton, Herbert M.

    Shelton at his scathing best!, There never has been a disease called "syphilis" by diagnosing many minor and usually transient symptoms as "syphilis" the medical profession has obtained a herd of terrified sheeple paying large fees to take poisonous remedies that cause the dreaded symptoms of so-called tertiary syphilis.

  • Strengthening The Eyes: A System of Scientific Eye Training
    (1925) MacFadden, Bernarr

    A complete program of exercises (and dietary improvements) to overcome the need for eyeglasses. Many photos.

  • Sleep: A Source Of Harmony
    (1945) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    This small booklet additionally contains a valuable review of Székely’s entire philosophy, written by Dion Byngham and originally published in a periodical called Health and Live, July 1936.

  • Scientific Fasting: The Ancient and Modern Key to Health
    (1927 edition) Hazzard, Linda. B., D. O.

    One of the wisest books ever written about natural hygiene and especially about water fasting. Dr. Hazzard had decades of personal practice. Also contains a great deal of advice about handling children.

  • Return To Nature
    (1903) Just, Adolf

    Authorized translation of the 4th German edition, done by B. Lust. A nature-cure classic.

  • Rational Fasting: Regeneration Diet and Natural Cure for All Diseases
    (English version originally published prior to 1922) Ehret, Arnold

    There are two paperback versions issued by conflicting groups of Ehretists, each in-print version containing much addenda to the original material. In this download, as best this library can determine, is what Ehret actually wrote.

  • Rational Bacteriology
    (1953) Verner, J. R., C. W. Weiant and R. J. Watkins

    To assist chiropractic students to pass state licensing exams this book fully explains the official assertion that germs cause disease. It also offers an alternative view that does not support vaccination or most other forms of attacking bacteria to cure a disease that they actually did not cause.

  • Practice of Natural Therapeutics – fifth edition
    (1922) Lindlahr, Henry, M.D.

    The practical how-to of Lindlahr’s methods explained in detail.

  • Parkinson’s Recovery Project
    Walton-Hadlock, Dr. Janice

    Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock runs the Parkinson’s Recovery Project. She has developed a method that allows people who have not yet started on conventional Parkinson’s medications to recover from this disease.

  • Oxygen, Oxygen, Oxygen
    (1993) Donsbach, Kurt, D.C., PhD.

    Discusses the traps, pitfalls and opportunities to use hydrogen peroxide (and similar materials) as a therapeutic substance.

  • Nutrition and Glands in Relation to Cancer
    (1944) Chidester, F. E., A.M., PhD

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • No Time to Die
    (1979) Fontenot, Joan

    During his life, Dr. Reams collaborated on three books, Choose Life or Death, No Time to Die, and Health Guide for Survival. As intros to his work, these three books contain good journalism and instructive personal accounts.

  • New Cancer Menace in Foods
    (1958) McGrath, George

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver, Also includes “The Terrible Truth About the Meat You Eat”.

  • Nature Doctors: Pioneers in Naturopathic Medicine
    (1994) Kirchfeld, Friedhelm and Boyle, Wade

    A thorough and scholarly historical survey of the development of naturopathic and nature cure practices from the 19th through the 20th century. A study of the individuals who made it happen. For many years Kirchfeld was librarian at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.

  • Nature Cure: Philosophy and Practice Based on the Unity of Disease and Cure
    (1913) Lindlahr, Henry, M.D.

    Lindlahr brought German Nature Cure to the States. In this remarkable century-old book will be found every new-agey, new-thought, self-help therapy currently in the public mind as well as the best of natural medical wisdom.

  • Nature Cure From The Inside: The why of chronic disease, with many case histories and home treatments
    (1953) Thomson, James C.

    Thomson shows how medical model’s cancer "treatment" causes most of the trouble with cancer.

  • Nature Cure For Asthma and Hay Fever
    (1951) Moyle, Alan

    As the title says.

  • Nature Cure Explained
    (1950) Moyle, Alan

    A survey of and elementary introduction to Nature Cure in all its forms and techniques.

  • Natural Hygiene: Man’s Pristine Way Of Life
    (1968) Shelton, Herbert M.

    Contentiously, painstakingly, passionately puts forth the key concepts of Shelton’s version of Natural Hygiene. There is also an excellent history of the development of the Hygienic movement.

  • Modern Live Juice Therapy
    (1964) Lovewisdom, Johnny
  • Mensch-Sein: Atmung, Immunabwehr im Würgegriff
    (no date) Budwig, Dr. Johanna
  • Meine Diät: Ein Ratgeber für Kranke und Gesunde
    (1930) Gerson, Dr. Max

    Dr. Max Gerson litt bereits bei seinem Medizinstudium an Migräne und entwickelte für sich eine Migräne-Diät. Prof. Ferdinand Sauerbruch hörte von Gersons Behandlungserfolgen und vertraute ihm 450 unheilbar an Tuberkulose erkrankte Kinder an, um dessen Diät-Therapie zu testen. 446 Kinder wurden komplett geheilt. Die Gerson-Diät regeneriert das Immunsystem und hilft daher bei zahlreichen chronischen (= schulmedizinisch unheilbaren) Krankheiten. Bis zu seinem Tod 1959 verfeinerte Dr. Gerson seine Diät zur Behandlung von Krebskranken.

  • Medicine Tomorrow: An Introduction to Cosmotherapy with a Guide to Treatment
    (1938 and 1951) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    Perhaps this is Székely’s magnum opus of the physical. The rare book is little known outside circles with spiritual orientation, it is a complete guide to health and healing based upon the esoteric.

  • Medicine and Dialectics
    (1937) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    Better known for his Essene Gospels, this 36 page booklet is early Székely. It was originally printed without any notice of copyright.

  • Laser-Strahlen Gegen Krebs: Resonanz-Phänomene als Anti-Entropie-Faktor des Lebens
    (1968) Budwig, Dr. Johanna
  • La sur veillance de votre tension peut vous sauver
    (1956) Coca, Arthur F., MD

    En Français. Traduit   avec

  • La cucina, il tuo destino
    (1974) Bruker, Dott. M.O.
  • L.C. Vincent Bio-Electronic Methodology
    (2013) Fougerousse, Andre

    The method developed by Louis-Claude VINCENT, which has been proven for more than forty years and tested on more than 60,000 cases, shows that certain physico-chemical parameters: pH (acidity), rH2 (potential of oxido-reduction) and resistivity (quanti…

  • Krebs ein Fett Problem
    (1956) Budwig, Dr. Johanna

    Bei diesem Buch handelt es sich um ein weiteres Kochbuch von Dr. Johanna Budwig: z.B. Müsli als Rohkostsuppen, Salate aus Wildkräutern, besondere Getränke für Kranke und Gesunde. Brigitte Herold schreibt in ihrer Rezension zu Krebs – ein Fettproblem. Richtige Wahl und Verwendung der Fette, dass die großen Erkenntnisse von Frau Dr. Johanna Budwig ein Schattendasein führten. Sie habe mit ihrer Öl-Eiweiß-Kost ein wahres Stoffwechsel-Wunder entwickelt. Bis heute blieben ihre Erkenntnisse leider nur einer Minderheit zugänglich, ihre Bücher seien heute zum Großteil nicht mehr erhältlich. Daß Fettsäuren der eigentliche Lichtträger und Lichtspeicher im Organismus seien, werde nun von anderen Seiten der Wissenschft bestätigt (F. A. Popp). Auch neue Erkenntnisse der Diabetes- und Allergie-Forschung gäben ihr immer wieder recht.

  • Kosmische Kräfte Krebs: Electronen-Biologie
    (1966) Budwig, Dr. Johanna
  • Kingston Chronicles
    Thomson, James C.

    Also known as “Rude Health.” Published by the Thomson Clinic. We have issues from 1967 through 1978.

  • Kako i kada da budete svoj doktor
    (1997) Moser, Isabelle and Solomon, Steve

    Mozer, Izabele, Stiv Solomon. Translation into Serbian using Cyrillic alphabet.

  • Kako i kada da budete svoj doktor
    (1996) Moser, Isabelle and Solomon, Steve

    Mozer, Izabele, Stiv Solomon. Translation into Serbian using Latin alphabet.

  • Iridiagnosis and other Diagnostic Methods – Third Edition
    (1919) Lindlahr, Henry, M.D.

    Iridology means analysis of the body’s condition through appearanace of the iris. The book also contains numerous interesting case histories and describes how conventional medical treatment of that era induced quality-of-life-threatening and fatal conditions. There are many figures and even a colour plate showing irises.

  • Introduction To The Mineral, Vitamin and Herb Therapeutics
    (1943) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    As the title states.

  • Insulin and Cancer
    (1947) Beale, Samuel M.

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver, Also includes the article “Clinical Uses of Small Doses of Insulin”

  • In The Cauldron of Disease
    (1934) Waerland, Are.

    Waerland advocated physical fitness, natural food and outdoor exercise as the best treatment of diseases. He campaigned tirelessly against processed foods, smoking and alcohol.

  • Improving On Pritikin: You Can Do Better
    (1988) Horne, Ross

    This one tells Ross’ own story. This book also discusses Gerson’s healing method and most popular health/diet systems. Ross Horne wrote powerfully because he was a flight instructor. Flight instructors take pride in absolute precision; they must be able to explain how-to to another so that their student can do the task almost as well.

  • Impaired Health: Its Cause and Cure, Volume II
    Tilden, J. H., M.D.

    In part two, Dr. Tilden details treatment protocols for many different diseases.

  • Impaired Health: Its Cause and Cure, Volume I
    (1921) Tilden, J. H., M.D.

    Tilden’s explains everything in one book. Volume 1 covers the general causes of disease and his general approach to restoration of health.

  • Hypoglycemia and Diabetes
    (1994) Donsbach, Kurt, D.C., PhD.
  • Hygienic Review
    Shelton, Herbert and Gian-Cursio, Christopher

    Miscellaneous articles by Herbert Shelton, Christopher Gian-Cursio and others. The Hygienic Review was published by the Herbert Shelton Society. A few of these are excerpts from Shelton’s books.

  • Hygienic Dictionary
    Solomon, Steve

    The essential terms and distinctions used by by the major figures natural hygiene/nature cure, defined in their own words. Compiled by Steve Solomon during the late 1990s, the first years of this library.

  • How To Fight Cancer and Win
    (1987) Fischer, William L.

    Provides a thorough review of AMA-style cancer treatments but if that is all the book was, it would not be in this library. It also contains a thorough discussion of the anti-cancer Budwig protocol that reverses the anaerobic metabolism of cancer cells with linseed oil.

  • How To Be Always Well
    (1927) Jackson, Robert G., M.D.

    Dr. Jackson’s book explains the basics of natural hygiene/nature cure and makes recommendations for lifestyle and diet that lead to permanent health and a high degree of well-being. This book is especially useful for the type of person that makes life choices and determines their behaviour according to well-grasped basic principles.

  • How And When To Be Your Own Doctor
    (1996) Moser, Isabelle and Solomon, Steve

    This book was written after 25 years of clinical practice. Dr. Moser was not a rigid, doctrinaire natural hygienist. She incorporated into her practice what she considered the most useful aspects of many disciplines, including vitamins and other food supplements, protomorphogens, massage, accupressure, colonics, dietary restriction, etc.

  • Hope in Cancer Research
    (1952) Tobey, Charles W., US Senator

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • Herbs of Grace: Becoming Independently Healthy
    (1974) Sharan, Farida

    Offered here are three chapters: "Health Ecology," (about why the body gets sick); "Nourishment," (about how to feed it to make and keep it well); "Iridology and Inner Ecology," (a relatively complete treatment of iridology and iridiognosis).

  • Heilung ist möglich: Eine revolutionäre Technik zur Behandlung chronischer Erkrankungen.
    (2000) Clark, Hulda Regehr

    Die amerikanische Biophysikerin und Physiologin Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark stellt hier eine revolutionüre Hypothese zur Entstehung von Erkrankungen und deren praktischer Behandlung vor. Nach vielen Jahren eigenstündiger Forschung fand Dr. Clark heraus, daß die Ursache zahlreicher leichter und schwerster Erkrankungen Parasiten sind. Diese Parasiten existieren heute in vielen Menschen in den unterschiedlichsten Stadien, werden aber von der Schulmedizin aus verschiedenen Gründen nicht erkannt. Den Hauptgrund für den allgemeinen Parasitenbefall bildet Isopropylalkohol, der sich in unserem Kürper vermehrt in Verbindung mit Umweltbelastungen ansammelt. Um wieder gesund zu werden, benütigen Sie keine teuren allopathischen Medikamente mit ihren hinlünglich bekannten Nebenwirkungen. Lesen Sie hier, welche einfachen und dabei hüchst wirksamen Maßnahmen Dr. Clark gefunden hat, um Ihre Gesundheit von Grund auf und dauerhaft wiederherzustellen. Alle in diesem Buch vorgestellten Therapien sind preiswert und künnen von Ihnen selbst ohne grüßeren Aufwand durchgeführt werden.

  • Healthy Childhood
    (1952) Thomson, Jessie R.

    Wise advice on child raising by a premier British nature cure practitioner at the Kingston Clinic, Edinburgh; contains a grandmother’s lifetime accumulation of wisdom.

  • Health, Youth and Longevity
    (1943) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    …through Food – Water – Air – Sun – Exercise – Breathing – Mind; The Golden Rules of Life and Happiness; Introduction to Cosmotherapy; The Essene School of Life

  • Health via Food
    (1929) Hay, William Howard, M.D.

    Dr. Hay began his practice in 1891. The first sixteen years were spent in regular medicine and surgery. When his own health broke down he began studying alternative approaches and became a naturopath; his main "weapon" was water and water fasting. Hay was a strong proponent of colon cleansing.

  • Health Unlimited
    (1989) Immerman, Alan M., D.C.

    A very easy to understand summary and restatement of the basic hygienic viewpoint that would serve as an excellent introduction and guide to someone with insufficient time to study the fundamental books of the Founders (Tilden, Shelton, etc.) from which this book is drawn. It is vegetarian in outlook and disapproves of colon cleansing. Used by a chriopractic college in the United States as a basic text of diet and nutrition.

  • Health Through New Thought and Fasting
    (1924) Wattles, Wallace D. and Towne, Elizabeth

    Sleep, deep, restful sleep, recharges the vital force. This force is what runs the body and energizes it . . . not the food. How to manage the mind so as to create health. We eat far more than the body needs for nutrition.

  • Health Guide for Survival
    (1976) Kirban, Salem

    During his life, Dr. Reams collaborated on three books, Choose Life or Death, No Time to Die, and Health Guide for Survival. As intros to his work, these three books contain good journalism and instructive personal accounts. A deeper dive into this 197…

  • Health and Survival in the 21st Century
    (1997) Horne, Ross

    Here is THE book for someone with incurable disease that is stuck in the medical model. Includes a cogent presentation of why AIDS is a “false” disease, the frauds behind AZT and the deaths AZT caused.

  • Fotoelemente des Lebens
    (1979) Budwig, Dr. Johanna
  • Food Is Your Best Medicine
    (1965) Bieler, Henry G., M.D.

    We offer one sample chapter because an inexpensive paperback is in print. Bieler, Tilden disciple, was the last well-known fully-accredited M.D. that I am aware of who practiced hygienic medicine entirely without reliance on drugs or surgery, wrote lucidly about his practice.

  • Food Combining Made Easy
    (1951) Shelton, Herbert M.

    Shelton’s booklet is the most frequently referred to text on the subject. Reprinted 31 times between 1951 and 1979.

  • Fettfibel
    (1979) Budwig, Dr. Johanna
  • Fasting, Hydropathy and Exercise: Nature’s Wonderful Remedies for the Cure of all Chronic and Acute Diseases
    (ca. 1900) MacFadden, Bernarr and Felix Oswald

    A young healer’s enthusiastic encouragement to use fasting, exercise, cold water and dietary reform–especially the one meal per day plan–to cure disease. Interesting muscle pictures and daring (for the time) muscle-nudes.

  • Fasting and Grape Cure
    (1950) Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

    This booklet, one of a series of many similar publications, provides Székely’s take on two related subjects. The text also includes a full list of publications of the Essene School of Life.

  • Fasting and Diet Restriction
    (March 1980) Immerman, Alan M., D.C.

    An article from the American Chiropractic Journal.

  • Everybody’s Guide To Nature Cure
    (1967) Benjamin, Harry, N.D.

    An immensely popular book that went through many reprintings. When it was in print it was considered the "handbook of Nature Cure", equal to, if not surpassing Henry Lindlahr’s." The book explains why the body gets sick and how it heals; therer is an encyclopedic listing of Nature-Cure handlings for disease conditions.

  • Eternal Health Truths of A Century Ago
    (1960) Gian-Cursio, Christopher (ed.)

    A collection of the writings of (mostly) mid-nineteenth-century Natural Hygienists, including Isaac Jennings, William A. Alcott, Sylvester Graham, Russell Trall, Thomas Nichols, George Taylor, James Jackson, Harriet Austin and Robert Walter.

  • Eine Krebstherapie
    (1996) Gerson, Dr. Max

    Der Nobelpreistrüger Dr. Albert Schweitzer selbst, seine Ehefrau und auch seine Tochter wurden von Dr. Max Gerson von schwierigen Krankheiten komplett geheilt. Dr. Schweitzer schrieb: »Für mich ist Gerson eines der grüßten Genies in der Geschichte der Medizin.« »Eine Krebs-Therapie – Fünfzig geheilte Krebsfülle«; wurde geschrieben, um darauf aufmerksam zu machen, daß es eine wirksame Krebstherapie gibt, sogar in fortgeschrittenen, konventionell aussichtslosen Füllen. Dr. Gersons Tochter Charlotte führt die Arbeit ihres Vaters weiter und leitet eine Krebsklinik in Mexiko (

  • Ehret Bibliography
    (ca. 2006) Solomon, Steve
  • Dr. Kelley’s Do-it-Yourself Book: one answer to cancer
    (2010) Kelley, Dr. William Donald

    William Kelley, D.D.S. treated cancer patients with a similar to Max Gerson’s. Kelley asserted that “wrong foods [cause] malignancy to grow, while proper foods [allow] natural body defenses to work.”

  • Discovery of the Anticancerous Properties of Vitamine F (Reptiline)
    (1953) Aviles, Humberto, Prof.

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • Diet Prevents Polio
    (1951) Sandler, Benjamin P.

    Polio can be prevented by dietary adjustment. Sandler’s dietary solution was, in its time, far better than the average diet, and proved enough to prevent the disease.

  • Die elementare Funktion der Atmung in ihrer Beziehung zu autoxydablen Nahrungsstoffen
    (1956) Budwig, Dr. Johanna
  • Diättherapie der Lungentuberkulose
    (1934) Gerson, Dr. Max

    Der weltberühmte Tuberkulosearzt, Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch, Universität München, überliess Dr. Max Gerson 450 unheilbar an lupus vulgaris (Hauttuberkulose) erkrankte Kinder, teilweise im Endstadium und damit kurz vor dem Tod, zur Behandlung mit der Gerson-Diät. 446 Kinder wurden in der Folge komplett geheilt. Knapp 10 Jahre später erschien dann Diättherapie der Lungentuberkulose im Jahre 1933 mit einem Umfang von 619 Seiten.

  • Diät und Zahnkaries. (Diet and Dental Caries)
    (1934) Bircher-Benner, M., M.D.
  • Der Tod des Tumors
    (1977) Budwig, Dr. Johanna

    Dr. Johanna Budwig schildert in diesem zweibändigen Werk, dass sie das angebotene Schweigegeld der Fettindustrie (vgl. S. 242, 275), die in der Margarine enthaltenen gehärteten Fette (Transfettsäuren) nicht öffentlich als gesundheitsschädlich und krebsfördernd anzuprangern, nicht entgegengenommen hat und dies teuer bezahlen musste (S. 275: «Wenn Sie diese Gelder nicht annehmen und der Auflage zu schweigen nicht zustimmen, dann werden Sie „wissenschaftlich und wirtschaftlich erledigt sein bis an Ihr Lebensende.“»). Dr. Budwig verlor ihre Arbeitsstelle, konnte in keiner anerkannten wissenschaftlichen Zeitschrift publizieren, musste ihre Bücher im Selbstverlag herausbringen, ihr Medizinstudium wurde behindert, so dass sie dieses aufgeben musste, wurde mit zahlreichen Strafverfahren eingedeckt und auch die Steuerfahndung wurde zur Drangsalierung operationalisiert.

  • Der Nachweis des Sonnenlichtwertes der in der Lebenden Substanz und in der Nahrung Enthaltenen Energie
    (1935) Bircher-Benner, M., M.D.
  • Der Heiler: Tuberkuloseforscher Friedrich Franz Friedman
    (2002) Werner, Petra

    Recherche Eins Medizinischen Skandals

  • Das Fettsyndrom
    (1959) Budwig, Dr. Johanna

    Dr. Johanna Budwig war überzeugt, dass Krebs durch eine “Störung des Fettstoffwechsels der menschlichen Körperzellen” bedingt sei und durch eine bestimmte Diät, nämlich ihre Öl-Eiweiß-Kost, heilbar sei. Sie erzielte bei ihren Patienten Erfolgsraten bis 90%. In diesem Werk wird detailliert beschrieben, wo im Körper überall gute Fette die Gesundheit erhalten und gehärtete, unnatürliche Fette – insbesondere Transfettsäuren – zu chronischen Erkrankungen und schlimmstenfalls zu Krebs führen.

  • Darmgesundheit ohne Verstopfung (Colon Health)
    (1992) Walker, Norman W., Dr.

    A translation of Walker’s “Colon Health” into German.

  • Cry of the Heart—Stop Hurting The Children: The Medical Terror of Vaccination
    (2003) Sircus, Mark, A.C., OMD

    Anti-vaccininist plea to cease and desist with full reasons, scientific and emotional.

  • Creative Menopause: Illuminating Women’s Health & Spirituality
    (1974) Sharan, Farida

    For men, this is a fascinating look at the inner life of women. And for women it is full of wisdom and helpful information about how to age with grace and dignity.

  • Constipation: A New Reading On the Subject
    (1924) Tilden, J. H., M.D.

    This ubiquitous ailment analyzed, dissected and its real cure indicated. Contains an interesting analysis of types of cases that pertains to all diseases.

  • Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status
    (2013) Maxwell, Mary W., PhD, LLB

    Many doctors successfully cured cancer in the years 1890 to 1950, using a variety of medical techniques. Then, state governments (amazingly) colluded with the American Medical Association to mandate a “standard of care” that included only the big three…

  • Como e Quando Ser Seu Próprio Médico
    (1996) Moser, Isabelle and Solomon, Steve

    Moser, Dra. Isabelle A. e Steve Solomon. Tradução: Élia Regina Previato.

  • Comment et Quand Etre Son Propre Docteur
    (1996) Moser, Isabelle and Solomon, Steve

    Moser, Isabelle, en collaboration avec Steve Solomon. Resultat de 25 annees de pratique clinique utilisant toutes formes de traitements naturels; le Dr Isabelle Moser etait "hygieniste" de temperament, mais pas de maniere rigide, ni doctrinaire.

  • Choose Life or Death
    (1978) Reams, Carey A.

    During his life, Dr. Reams collaborated on three books, Choose Life or Death, No Time to Die, and Health Guide for Survival. As intros to his work, these three books contain good journalism and instructive personal accounts. Chose Life or Death contain…

  • Children: Their Health and Happiness
    (1928) Tilden, J. H., M.D.

    Tilden’s firmly-stated opinions are definitely not the wishy-washy uncertainties that many young parents seem to hold these days. Tilden was opposed to vaccination and spoiling children. He was in favor of discipline, and felt effective discipline of children began with the parents’ self-discipline.

  • Chemotherapie fortgeschrittenere Karzinome
    (1995) Abel, Ulrich

    Zehn Jahre lang diente Prof. Ulrich Abel den westdeutschen Krebsmedizinern als, wie er selbst sagt, "Rechenknecht". Der promovierte Mathematiker und Dr. med. habil. (Epidemiologie) half den Klinikern bei der Durchfhrung von Krebsstudien. Der Spiegel (13.08.1990) fasste die Ergebnisse von Prof. Abel gewissermassen folgendermassen zusammen: "Bei der Behandlung fortgeschrittener Organkrebse bringt Chemotherapie fast nichts." Das vorliegende Buch erbringt hier fr den wissenschaftlichen Beweis.

  • Cancer Loves Sugar
    (1995) Minnesota Wellness Directory

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • Cancer and Vitamin C: A Discussion of the Nature, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Cancer With Special Reference to the Value of Vitamin C
    (1979) Cameron, Ewan and Paulding, Linus

    A segment of the book amounting to 10 percent of the total page count is available here.

  • Cancer and the Medical Research Business
    (1962) Lawrence, Malcolm

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • Cancer a Nutritional Deficiency
    (1943) Davidson, J. R., M.D.

    Also includes “Preliminary Report of Prevention, Control and Treatment of Human Cancer as a Deficiency Disease” by the same author. From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • Cancer – Articles and Pamphlets by W. J. McCormick, M.D.
    (1952 - 1959) McCormick, W. J., MD

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • Cancer – Articles and Pamphlets by Royal Lee
    (1949 - 1955) Lee, Royal

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • Can Diet Prolong Lifespan
    (December 1980) Immerman, Alan M., D.C.

    An article from the American Chiropractic Journal.

  • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and Prostate Cancer
    (1993) Donsbach, Kurt, D.C., PhD.
  • Bacteria, Inc
    (1955) Asher, Cash

    Smallpox is transmitted only by the bite of an infected bug . . . perversion of nutrition determines the degree of virulence. . . . Today, the bedbug has all but vanished from this vacuumed and disinfected land of ours. . . . But the practice of vaccination is as popular as it was in the days of the plague. . . . Why, then, does the vaccination fetish persist?

  • Arthritis and Folk Medicine
    (1960) Jarvis, D.C., M.D.

    A book about using honey and vinegar as medicine, and about Vermont folk medicine in general.

  • Appendicitis: The Etiology, Hygienic and Dietetic Treatment
    (1909) Tilden, J. H., M.D.

    John Tilden had little respect for his fellow MDs, but enormous respect for the ability of a human body to heal if only given a chance.

  • Anti-Malignancy Factors Apparently Present in Organically Grown Food
    (1961) Collins, Donald C., M.D.

    From a generous donation by Nenah Sylver,

  • An Analytical System of Clinical Nutrition
    (1989) Guy R. Schenker

    For practicing chiropractors and Metabolic Typing practitioners, this is one of the most influential books of last 30 years.

  • Aids, Cancer and the Medical Establishment
    (1986) Brown, Raymond Keith, M.D.

    An anti-Pasteurian look at AIDS and other diseases.

  • Aids and Syphilis: The Hidden Link
    (1987) Coulter, Harris L., Ph.D.
  • Adventure In Living: The Autobiography of a Myope
    (1950) Benjamin, Harry, N.D.

    Benjamin was more than merely a healer. He was also a Theosophist, acquainted with Krishnamurti, blessed with knowledge of his own whole lives history and naturally highly spiritually aware. Benjamin’s book also conveys the ethos and events of holistic healing in the UK from the 1930s through WWII.

  • A Time To Heal: Triumph Over Cancer, The Therapy Of The Future
    (1985) Bishop, Beata

    The author had melanoma. Her surgeon offered her no hope. This is the story of her recovery using the Gerson method, which relies upon assisting the natural processes of her own body to heal and defeat the cancer.

  • A Manual For Students of Massage
    (1909) Ellison, Mary Anna

    “Manual of Massage” third edition published in 1909 thoroughly and understandably covers the anatomy, physiology and the application of massage to the human body.

  • A Guide To Health: Being an exposition of the principles of the Thomsonian system of practice, etc.
    (1846) Colby, Benjamin

    Thomsonian doctors asserted that common sense and a little learning was a better doctor than professionals seemingly addicted to bloodletting, purging with heavy metals, and heroic cleanses.

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