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Parkinson’s Recovery Project


Walton-Hadlock, Dr. Janice

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Parkinson’s medications are the most addictive drugs that exist because once a person starts on them it is almost impossible to stop (or even taper off slowly) without soon dying. But the medications themselves soon cause “side” effects that may be worse than the disease. Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock runs the Parkinson’s Recovery Project. She herself had Parkinson’s, but no  longer. She has helped many others heal from the disease as well. Dr. Walton-Hadlock developed a natural healing method that allows people to recover—not treat, not medicate, recover. But her method only works if the person is not yet started taking the medications usually prescribed to treat the disease. On the Parkinson’s Recovery website are links to free downloads of Walton-Hadlock’s two main books: Recovery From Parkinson’s and Medications of Parkinson’s Disease or Once Upon a Pill 

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