The Pulse Test

Coca, Arthur F., M.D.

Original publication date: 1956
Original publisher: New York: Lyle Stewart
Publication status: Public domain

Coca viewed many disease conditions as being caused by food (and other sorts of) allergies. There are less “scientific” ways to test for allergies than Coca’s pulse test, such as biokinesthology, commonly known as muscle testing. But Coca’s method has the advantage that it can be self-applied by anyone possessing determination and reasonable intelligence. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first book in its genre. To paraphrase one of the hygienists, you can clean and clean, but if you then pour in garbage again, what use was all the cleansing? A quick summary of the essentials of Coca’s pulse test and how to do it are also found in the Appendix of Isabelle Moser’s How And When To Be Your Own Doctor.

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