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Toxemia Explained


Tilden, J. H., M.D.

Original publication date: 1935
Original publisher: Dr. Tilden's Health School, Denver, Colorado
Publication status: Public domain


Perhaps the finest explanation ever writen explaining why a body gets sick and what to do about it. This polemic was printed and reprinted by Tilden, its prose re-polished half a dozen times from 1926-1935 as Tilden struggled to explain his thesis ever-more-clearly. Then, in the early 1950s, followers of Herbert Shelton had a go at Tilden’s text and “improved it”. The Sheltonites, strict, rigid vegetarians, also had serious problems with Tilden’s acceptance of eating meat. Their 1950s edition also “improved” Toxemia Explained in this respect. The version in the Soil and Health Library is an accurate rendering of Tilden’s last revision, complete and unaltered. Currently in print by Kessinger Publishing Co.

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