Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Price, Weston A., D.D.S

Original publication date: 1939
Original publisher: New York: Paul B. Hoeber, Inc.
Publication status: In print (withdrawn)

In the 1930s Dr. Price documented highly isolated communities that enjoyed extraordinary health, long life and virtual immunity to dental disease. Price visited remote parts of Scotland,  Switzerland, Canada, Alaska, Peru, Africa, Down Under, etc. All of these communities were so isolated that they did not have access to industrial foods. Contains remarkable photographs that show the comparison between what healthy bodies and physically degenerated bodies look like far better than words ever could. No one who spends time studying these pictures will ever view the health and appearance of their friends, neighbours or their own face in the mirror in the same way. In the opinion of the founder of this library, this book is one of the most important books of the Twentieth Century. This library once had the complete book online but with the passage of the Australian/US “Free-Trade” Agreement the book again acquired copyright protection in this country. However, Keith Atkinson’s Journey To Forever website, domiciled in Tokyo, still makes the full text available. Currently available in print at a reasonable price from all the usual sources, this book should be on the shelf of every student of holistic health.

Click the pdf file below to read a detailed book review that includes many of these interesting pictures and as much of the text as could be put online without risking infringment of copyright liabilities. And please support the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation; buy the print-on-paper version of the book!

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