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Dear Patron,

I began the Soil and Health Library to assist self-educating people learn:

  • The the health of animals and humans derives from the fertility of the soil growing their food; that only special places on Earth produce highly nutritious food and that we should bend the fertility profile of  food growing lands to be more like those special locations.
  • If we did remineralize our food growing lands in the direction of producing high nutrient density then the total social cost of medical care, disability and so on would greatly diminish. The collective overall costs of disease and unhappiness would diminish far more rapidly than the cost of remineralization.
  • I began growing most of my own food in the 1970s. At that time practices recommended by the organic farming and gardening movement did not necessarily grow nutrient dense food. The assumption was made at that time (and the public still believes it) that all organically grown food would be highly nutrient-dense, but this is not necessarily the truth.
  • That the natural potential for human health and longevity is considerably higher than most realize these days. This can only be grasped by examining historical evidence about healthy communities that ceased to exist during and soon after WWII as transport and communication opened these communities to cheap industrial foods.

In this library also are many complimentary titles that are useful but are not on the main topic line of this collection. The library’s Committee members have asked me to provide a short list of recommended readings, which I am pleased to do.

I suggest starting with William Albrecht’s Soil Fertility and Animal Health. This book is not an easy read. This title is always number 1 on my list.

  1. Albrecht, William. Soil Fertility and Animal Health.
  2. Carter and Dale. Topsoil and Civilization.
  3. Elliot, Robert. The Clifton Park System of Farming.
  4. Hopkins, Donald. Chemicals, Humus and the Soil.
  5. Howard, Louise. Sir Albert Howard In India.
  6. Howard, Albert. Farming and Gardening For Health or Disease.
  7. Howard, Albert. The Waste Products of Agriculture, etc.
  8. Jenny, Hans. Factors Of Soil Formation.
  9. Krasilnikov, N. Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants.
  10. Smith, J.R. Tree Crops.
  11. Tiedjens, Victor. More Food From Soil Science.

One more title that isn’t in the library because it is in print but it may be the most important book written in the Twentieth Century. That is Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price. This book can be found online if you search for it but our library can not legally host it.

Anyone on a journey through this information is welcome to contact the Librarian with comments, questions or requests for guidance.

All the best,

Steve Solomon
Librarian and Founder
Soil and Health Library.


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