Thoughts On Feeding

Picton, Lionel James, O.B.E

Original publication date: 1946
Original publisher: London: Faber and Faber
Publication status: Out of print

A  study of proper and improper human nutrition and of the various forms of disease consequent from mal-nutrition. Considers wheat bread and of the diseases caused by denaturing it to make white flour. Picton also wrote “The Medical Testament,” a critical evaluation of medical practice that shook up English thought for several decades after its publication. Published several years later in the USA by Devin-Adair, titled Nutrition & The Soil. The American edition contained a remarkable introduction by Dr. Jonathan Forman, who was, among other things, Vice President of Friends of the Land. Dr. Forman’s introduction is included in this online version, although the text otherwise follows the original Faber and Faber edition, including a number of interesting photographs that were not included in the Devin-Adair edition. Thanks to Dr. John Fielder of Cairns, Queensland, for the lend of both editions of the book.

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