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  • 9,600 Miles Through The U.S.A. In A Station Wagon
    Balfour, Lady Eve

    In the early 1950s Lady Balfour and her companion drove across the USA coast-to-coast, visiting many agriculturalists and meeting with notables including Francis Pottenger, William Albrecht, E. Pfeiffer, Cocanouer, etc. Many photos.

  • 9/11: The Ultimate Truth
    Jadczyk, Laura and Quinn, Joe

    This book is about the nature of evil and why psychopathic personalities almost inevitably take control of bureaucracies and governments. Much of this book is “way out there.” Jadczyk’s statements about Jews may likely be seen as anti-semitic by those who are touchy about the subject, so be warned if that is yourself.

  • A collection of Lee’s articles, mostly from Lets Live Magazine
    Lee, Royal

    Scanned and put online by the Selene River Press and also offered here with their collaboration.

  • A Compend of the New Materia Medica
    Cook, Wm H., A.M, M.D.
  • A Gift Of Love: The Hopewood Story
    Trop, Jack Dunn

    L.O. Bailey and Florence Madge lovingly undertook the raising and hygienic care of Australian orphans. The proven fact that the Hopewood children had outstanding health is still ignored. This book should be required reading by every man, woman and child in our society, particularly those contemplating parenthood.

  • A Guide to Health
    Colby, Benjamin
  • A Guide To Health: Being an exposition of the principles of the Thomsonian system of practice, etc.
    Colby, Benjamin

    Thomsonian doctors asserted that common sense and a little learning was a better doctor than professionals seemingly addicted to bloodletting, purging with heavy metals, and heroic cleanses.

  • A History of the Vegetable Kingdom
    Rhind, William

    This book extensively covers three topics: The physiology and geographical distribution of vegetables; a history of useful plants and food crops;  the practical culture of vegetables. It is huge book, over 700 pages. Regrettably, the scan is not searchable and the file size quite large. At least the images are readable.

  • A Manual For Students of Massage
    Ellison, Mary Anna

    “Manual of Massage” third edition published in 1909 thoroughly and understandably covers the anatomy, physiology and the application of massage to the human body.

  • A Manual of Materia Medica and Pharmacology
    Culbreth, David

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