Studies in Deficiency Disease

McCarrison, Sir Robert, M.D

Original publication date: 1945
Original publisher: Milwaukee Wisconsin: Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research
Publication status: Public domain

In it, in formal medical language, illustrated with photo-micrographs of autopsy tissue samples, charts, graphs and tables, McCarrison details animal studies he conducted in India. Using pigeons and monkeys he created disease conditions by restriction of vitamin intake and drew analogies to human ailments. The book also offers frank and simple recommendations for human dietary improvement and the elimination of many diseases thereby. Most of it is comprehensible to a reasonably well-educated layman. This library scanned a photolithographic reprint made from the original Oxford Medical Library edition published in Londonby Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton 1921. Rendering it into a PDF represented considerable labour; the book is worthy of considerable effort.

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