The Teaching of Buddha

Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

Original publication date: 1938
Original publisher: London: published jointly by the C.W. Daniel Company and the Bureau of Cosmotherapy, Laurence Weaver House
Publication status: Out of print

Scanned from the first edition, 1938. Many thanks are due to Deborah Székely, who has generously lent for scanning, a large stack of priceless and almost otherwise unavailable materials such as this booklet.

A lecture on Buddhism based of the reports of an early Westerner who traveled to Tibet and spent years studying the Buddhist teachings there, and who wrote the first Tibetan – English dictionary and grammar. Szekley writes: The author of these works was Csoma de Körös, a Transylvanian traveller and philologist who was the first man from Europe to be initiated into Thibetan literature and into Buddhism. This extraordinary man, who was a professor of philology in a little town in Transylvania, one day took a copy of the Gospels in his pocket and a staff in his hand and said to his friends: “I am going away to Thibet.”

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