Medicine Tomorrow: An Introduction to Cosmotherapy with a Guide to Treatment

Székely, Edmond Bordeaux

Original publication date: 1938 and 1951
Original publisher: London: C.W. Daniel
Publication status: Out of print

Perhaps this is Székely’s magnum opus of the physical. The rare book is little known outside circles with spiritual orientation, it is a complete guide to health and healing based upon the esoteric. With good fortune, the valuable copy provided by Dr. John Fielder who practices Nature Cure near Cairns, Queensland (thanks a heap, John!) contained all the folding charts in the back pocket of the book, reproduced here. Rendering these charts large enough to be useful is the main reason the book’s download is large.

Time it took to scan, OCR, copycheck and format this item was 8:20 (hr:min).

File size: 4.69Mb

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