Chemicals, Humus and the Soil

Hopkins, Donald P.

Original publication date: 1952
Original publisher: FABER AND FABER LIMITED 24 Russell Square London
Publication status: Out of print

Hopkins makes the point that chemical fertilizers are effective and positive to the degree that humus remains in the soil; that the real problem with chemicals has been with some who suggest that chemicals can replace farmyard manure. Hopkins takes on the Howardites point by point and demolishes many of their positions. The book’s arguments are cogent and largely correct, although Hopkins “scientific” biases distort his objectivity in areas relating to human health. This book should by carefully read by anyone that considers themselves “organic.” Attached to the end of this copy are two articles from Rodale’s Organic Gardening Magazine that highlight the intense antagonisms existing about this controversy at the time.

A frequent correspondent of this library, Justin Naylor, has written a short and worthy article that appeared in Acres, USA about the organic/chemical controversy, using Donald Hopkin’s book as a springboard. To read this piece, click here.

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