Why The Best-Laid Investment Plans Usually Go Wrong

Browne, Harry

Original publication date: 1987
Original publisher: New York: William Morrow and Company
Publication status: Out of print

Long Title: & How You Can Find Safety & Profit In An Uncertain World

The financial scene constantly shifts. That’s why most books on investing or financial speculation soon fall out of print—they no longer are relevant. Harry Browne’s book is different. Most of it is highly pertinent to the current scene.

You might think an investment guide written in 1987 couldn’t be relevant to the current scene. Not so. The first 200 pages examines and demolishes all the usual investment strategies/sales pitches because these usually result in loss. Then Browne introduces the idea of a “permanent portfolio,” a mixture of very low overhead investments whose inevitable ups and downs balance each other resulting in moderate profit with great stability.

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