Possum Living: How To Live Well Without A Job and With (almost) No Money

Freed, Dolly

Original publication date: 1978
Original publisher: New York: Universe Books
Publication status: In print (withdrawn)

Possum Living was withdrawn from this library in May, 2009 because the title returned to being in print in January, 2010. It is now available through Amazon.com and all the usual outlets. We think anyone seeking independent self-sufficiency should meet Dolly Freed.  To tantalize you into buying a copy, here is this library’s description when the title was out of print:

“When I was in my early 30s we used our first surplus few thousand dollars to make the down payment on an inexpensive run-down house with an acre lot on an unpaved dusty street in the extreme western San Fernando Valley. We practiced a modified version of “simple living”–earning what then seemed like a lot of money by self-employment while spending a lot less than we earned. The result was that in a few years we could buy a free-and-clear homestead in Oregon. My favorite book at that time was a little paperback called How To Live On Nothing; I have a hardcover copy on this book the shelf right now but in the current scene How To Live On Nothing does not seem to be worth the time it would take to scan and put it on line. Then a patron sent me Possum Living; it is heaps funnier. Since beingness always precedes doingness or havingness, Possum Living may perform just the attitude adjustment on you that is needed to make your life a lot more pleasant and set you off on a course of thrifty practice. Possum Living expresses what I consider to be genuine (and vanishing) ‘mer’can attitudes of self-sufficiency, independence and true grit.

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