Toward High Level Health

Thomson, James C.

Original publication date: 1959
Original publisher: Edinburgh: The Kingston Clinic
Publication status: Out of print

The title would lead one to believe the booklet is encouragement toward the individual using the practice of Nature Cure. Not at all. This is a most powerful—yet relatively brief—polemic against the medical model. Thomson shows in excruciating detail how the drugging system, in combination with schools, the press, the national “health” system, etc., virtually brainwashes the public so that they automatically discount any approach but the official medical model. Thomson also demonstrates with his own case histories how medical doctors are adept at denial of his successes by claiming mis-diagnoses: Thomson’s patient recovered from cancer because he “never had it in the first place.” But these were patients who had been diagnosed by numerous “specialists” and then, desperately ill, sent home to die as untreatable. Probably only Thomson’s fierce Scottish sense of independence and personal freedom allowed him to both practice Nature Cure and to keep out of prison. Thanks to Dr. John Fielder, who practices near Cairns, Queensland, for providing the lend of this booklet so a portion of it could be put in this library. Athough the book is virtually impossible to purchase through the usual channels of retail trade, still, it is in print, so we can offer only a one chapter excerpt, Chapter 7. Toward High Level Health is kept in print by TK Publishing, maintained by the doughty widow of C. Leslie Thomson, May Thomson. To order the book, write to TK Publishing, The Coach House, 70 Kingston Avel, Edinburgh, EH16 5SW, Scotland. TK Publishing also maintains a number of other most worthy titles written by assorted Thomsons.

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