Nature Cure From The Inside: The why of chronic disease, with many case histories and home treatments

Thomson, James C.

Original publication date: 1953
Original publisher: Edinburgh: The Kingston Clinic
Publication status: Sample of copyright registered work

A small and inexpensive paperback issued by the Kingston Clinic. In much the same way as presented in Thomson’s The Question of V.D., in this book Thomson shows how medical model’s cancer “treatment” causes most of the trouble with cancer. Thanks to Dr. John Fielder of Queensland for providing a lend of the booklet so it could be scanned. Because the book remains in print, only one chapter could be legally offered online. Fortunately for the reader, this one chapter, Chapter 8, is quite extensive and comprises the majority of the book. Nature Cure From The Inside is kept in print by TK Publishing, maintained by the doughty widow of C. Leslie Thomson, May Thomson. To order the book, write to TK Publishing, The Coach House, 70 Kingston Ave., Edinburgh, EH16 5SW, Scotland. TK Publishing also maintains a number of other most worthy titles written by assorted Thomsons.

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Nature Cure

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