Rational Bacteriology

Verner, J. R., C. W. Weiant and R. J. Watkins

Original publication date: 1953
Original publisher: Self Published by the authors
Publication status: Out of print

This powerful book is like a double barreled elephant gun. On one hand it prepares chiropractic students to pass their state medical licensing test where the student must say that bacteria cause diseases—or flunk. So the first part of this book fully explains the official medical model. On the other hand, the book also offers an alternative view that does not support vaccination or most other forms of attacking bacteria whilst seeking to cure a disease that the bacteria did not cause. Perhaps more than any other book in our collection, Rational Bacteriology expounds the best alternative to the conventional theory of infectious disease—a viewpoint that which was begun by Béchamp and refined later by Tisot and others. While some minor assertions in the book are out of date (science learned a few things about microbiology since 1953), the theoretical framework is as sound as it was when Bechamp was alive. Thanks are owed to Gary Krasner, founder and director of Coalition For Informed Choice in New York City, for supplying the scans of this book.

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