Bacteria, Inc

Asher, Cash

Original publication date: 1955
Original publisher: Milwaukee: Lee Foundation For Nutritional Research
Publication status: Out of print

Here are a few sentences from the booklet: “At the conclusion of his long and thorough experimentations, Dr. Campbell arrived at two important conclusions. 1. That smallpox is transmitted only by the bite of an infected bug. 2. That perversion of nutrition determines the degree of virulence. . . Today, the bedbug has all but vanished from this vacuumed and disinfected land of ours. . . . But the practice of vaccination is as popular as it was in the days of the plague. . . . Why, then, does the vaccination fetish persist? We must find the answer in economics—in the billion dollar serum industry and its correlative industry, medical practice.” The copyrights for this book are now under the custodianship of the International Foundation For Nutrition And Health; this organization prints many valuable books by Royal Lee, Melvin Page and others.

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