Language Hunting In The Karakoram

Lorimer, E.O.

Original publication date: 1939
Original publisher: George Allen& Unwin Ltd., London
Publication status: Out of print

Mrs. E.O. Lorimer and her husband, David, both linguists, journeyed to Hunza in the late 1930s, spending a year in residence there. The Lorimers later wrote the definitive book on the Hunza language. Mrs. Lorimer learned about everything from cropping cycles to childrearing, food customs and dietaries, handling social malfactors (few) and having parties and dances. The rigors of their trek into Hunza and the Lorimer’s difficulties obtaining any additional supplies well-illustrates the isolation of these people. Also accompanying this story are over 40 magnificent black and white photographs. The book describes Hunza as it was when McCarrsion so admired it some 25 years earlier. (Hunzaland changed greatly after WWII because it was opened to access by truck.) Mrs. Lorimer was also a most admirable person of the highest integrity. Her reportage seems as accurate a rendering of another culture that could be made based upon a single year’s residence.

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