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Health Guide for Survival

Kirban, Salem

Original publication date: 1976

Original publisher: Salem Kirban, Inc., Pennsylvania, USA

Publication status: Out of print

During his life, Dr. Reams collaborated on three books, Choose Life or Death, No Time to Die, and Health Guide for Survival. As intros to his work, these three books contain good journalism and instructive personal accounts.
A deeper dive into this 1976 book reveals both strengths and weaknesses. Imagine if Albert Einstein had not been a mainstream figure but an unknown, still brilliant; yet, way outside the mainstream, on the fringe of mainstream culture. What if a non-technical, supporter of Einstein, with no knowledge of higher math, collaborated with Einstein to both explain Einstein’s theory; and, describe his method? The result would be a book like this.

The weakness of this approach is Dr. Reams’ milestone breakthru can only be hinted at in a magazine article and Q&A with Reams. Parallelling Einstein’s original ideas in physics and astronomy, Reams’ novel views were in biology and chemistry (also on agriculture). To understand Einstein, Reams or Nikola Tesla with any confidence, is a life-long study, years of personal commitment and experiment. This is why Dr. Beddoe’s Human Nutriton (back in print soon in 2022) is the one book Reams loved.

Back to the good news. Given the journalistic approach here, readers can gain a sense Dr. Reams was doing something amazing, useful and practical. Yet, readers may come away somewhat confused about the scope, depth and “how to” aspects.

Comment from RBTI expert, Thomas Giannou: Be careful with Health Guide for Survival. Reams said, “There’s errors in that book; it’s about 60% accurate. You’ll never amount to anything until you hear yourself quoted on things you never said (laughter).”

RBTI librarian Rex Harrill reconciles what Reams and his direct students say in his RBTI DESK REFERENCE & CRITIQUE (2018?). A link to the FREE first 50 pages (of 600 pages total) is here–critique.html

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