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Choose Life or Death

Reams, Carey A.

Original publication date: 1978

Original publisher: New Leaf Press, Inc. - Harrison, Arkansas, USA

Publication status: Out of print

During his life, Dr. Reams collaborated on three books, Choose Life or Death, No Time to Die, and Health Guide for Survival. As intros to his work, these three books contain good journalism and instructive personal accounts.
Chose Life or Death contains one of the longest, clearest verbatim accounts Reams himself gave of his ideas and system. However, Reams was speaking from decades of clinical work with several thousand patrons; including, consulting with doctors in multiple hospitals on problematic, life and death cases.

How can we approach Reams today? Reams was the Einstein or Nikola Tesla of plant and human health. Choose Life or Death contains many, many practical nuggets of Reams’ wisdom and insights into human health. However, a serious study BEGINS here, not ends here.

For professional credibility, new methods sooner or later, require a professional-grade instructional textbook. Alexander Beddoe produced such a text, Biologic Ionization As Applied to Human Nutrition. This is the single RBTI book Reams remained most excited about.

Q: Can I do this at home by myself?
A: Since the do-it-yourself era of the 1970s, many of us have the education, courage and ambition to imagine, “If I had the tools, I bet I could make it at home myself.” We all applaud a “can-do spirit.” However, Reams insights into plant and human health come from–and he principally speaks to–working healthcare professionals with deep interest in both research biology and research chemistry.

Ability to interpret Dr. Reams seven-number test-result array requires college-level study and training in anatomy, physiology, chemistry and biology. The more sick a person is, the more likely an at-home, do-it-yourself experimental approach is likely to lead to serious errors on yourself or with family members.

The largest fraction of current practitioners of Reams’ method of testing-interpreting biomarkers derived from urine-saliva, is Naturopathic doctors. Anyone with an ND degree is a good person to ask about Reams’ method and how it might benefit you.

Still the three books above are valued within the RBTI community. Avoiding the depths and range of Beddoe’s professional text, these three “general audience” books expose people to where mainstream medicine and public healthcare is likely to go in about 100 years.

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