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How To Live Quietly


Call, Annie Payson

Original publication date: 1914
Original publisher: Boston: Little,Brown and Company.
Publication status: Public domain


This book was recommended and then lent to the library for scanning by Samira Mahmoud of Cairo, Egypt. Here is what Samira says about why she sent it: “I found the book in a pile of “rejected” books outside a New York City Public Library in 1991 while I was still studying there. Immediately, it appealed to me through its title–which one of us doesn’t ultimately wish to live QUIETLY, no matter what else we may wish to accomplish in our time here on earth?! Annie Payson . . . promised/seemed to answer a very important question, and that is: how to go about finding peace of mind in this life, or simply “peace.” This is a difficult question, and one that not too many people are bothered with asking anymore nowadays, let alone bothered with trying to answer. . . . So I bought the book for a dollar and took it home. I read it once through then kept going back to specific paragraphs which address very adeptly the issues of what to do with one’s anger towards friends, family members, or co-workers (find out first where the resitance lies within oneself towards the person, then refuse to speak or think out of this resisting position, basically a process of awareness or consciousness- raising, etc…) When I came across your library it seemed like the right place for Annie’s ideas about peace to become widely disseminated, again, after all these years. . .

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