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Bealle, Morris. The Drug Story: A Factological history of America's $10,000,000,000 Drug Cartel. Spanish Fork, Utah: The Hornet's Nest, 1976.

A rarely encountered book for one so recently published. Bealle describes the drug and medical industries with the same disdain as thought they were mafia enterprises dealing in dope, prostitution, labour racketeering and loan sharking. Thanks are owed to Toni Horne who donated this book (along with Ross Horne's entire medical library collection) to Soil and Health Library. Time to process: 05:15. Downloads as a PDF of 885 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Borkin, Joseph. The Crime and Punishiment of I.G. Farben. London: Andre Deutsch, 1979.

The crimes of I.G. Farben also involve Standard Oil and other international majors in the chemical industry. A thorough study of modern corporate behaviour and mentality. Downloads as a PDF of 927 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Borsodi, Ralph. The Distribution Age. New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1927.

This was Borsodi's first attempt to express his understanding of the cause and cure of the basic wrongness of our civilization. It is a powerful book containing more wisdom than almost anyone can grasp at the first reading. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Borsodi, Ralph. This Ugly Civilization. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1929.

These days the industrial system is dubbed "economic rationalism." In terms of the pain it causes sensitive, quality-minded individuals, the industrial system is only slightly worse than it was in the 1920s. Borsodi's scathing critique of our ugly lifestyle offers a solution in the homestead, in at-home production of necessaries, in a sort of controlled disconnection or dropping out. Borsodi anticipated Scott and Helen Nearing by a decade. His ideas permeate all the subsequent back-to-the-landers and Mother Earth Newsers, but Borsodi is rarely credited. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Borsodi, Ralph. Interview done in 1974 with Mother Earth News.

Those wishing to know more about Ralph Borsodi might read this interview.

Browart, Walter. Operation Mind Control. London: Fontana (Dell: New York), 1978.

After being alerted to the significance of this book the Library had to pay $100 for a somewhat decomposing paperback copy. Because of the few copies offered and their high price, one might think some interest group was attempting to suppress this book by purchasing and destroying copies whenever convenient to do so. One might guess that putting this book online for free download could be a bit dangerous. Let's hope not. The book is about how, starting during WWII., the American cryptocracy began studying, developing and using "brainswashing" techniques on soldiers and civilians, who, under control accomplished by Pain-Drug-Hypnosis, have done things they do not remember. It is about the KKK of big American political assassinations of the 1960s--two Kennedys and a King--and who was behind it and how it might have been accomplished. The data will give one cause to reflect upon how the World Trade Center "attack" might have been engineered. Downloads as a PDF of 1.5 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Brown, E. Richard. Rockefeller Medicine Men: Medicine and Capitalism in America. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1979.

Describes in critical detail how the a few extremely wealthy Americans with interests in the drugs business, through their charitable foundations provided major credibility to the AMA, which then shaped and dominated the medical system (education and practice) into what it is today. Downloads as a PDF of 1.0 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Campbell, Robert. Downsizing Darwin: A critique etc. Published by the author. Downloads as a PDF of 4.5 mb.

Campbell, Robert. Enlightened Management and the Organizational Imperative: the story of how to structure a company for maximum potential, committment and performance. Published by the author, 1995. Downloads as a PDF of 4.8 mb.

Campbell, Robert. Science and the Cosmic Order: A new prospectus. Published by the author, 1997. Downloads as a PDF of 1.9 mb.

Campbell, Robert. Fisherman's Guide to the Cosmic Order. Published by the author, 1985, 1999. Downloads as a PDF of 6.2 mb.

Carrel, Alexis. Man, The Unknown. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1935, 1939.

Carrel's book formed a major part of the core of understanding for many of the writers whose books are found in this library; it is often referred to in the writings of others and should be read to more fully comprehend the mileau of its time and the decades immediately following publication of this book. Grapples with the meaning within the whole of human experience. Downloads as a PDF of 804 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Cleckley, Hervey, M.D.. The Mask Of Sanity: An Attempt to Reinterpret the So-called Psychopathic Personality. St. Louis: The C. V. Mosby Company, 1941.

Considered the foundation-statement about the psychopathic personality. Downloads as a PDF of about 1 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Engdahl, F. William. Seeds Of Destruction. Montreal: Global Research, 2007. Introduction and Chapter I.

Engdahl's book reveals how the Rockefellers, the main power-players behind the GM seed manipulation, have moved their interests ever closer to total global domination through the control of food. This book is in print and for sale through Global Research and all the usual sources such as Amazon.com. Consequently, only a sample of the book is offered here (with Mr. Engdahl's permission). IN PRINT.

Farber, Jerry. The Student As Nigger. Pocket Books, 1970.

First came Farber's widely-distributed short essay, "The Student As Nigger." It was so powerful and attuned with student rebellions that it was reprinted over 500 times in the '60s.So Farber wrote other essays that were made into this little book. Only one of these, the best one, "The Student And Society: An Annotated Manifesto", is available here. OUT OF PRINT.

Gandhi, M.K. Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule. (English translation by M.K. Gandhi,1910). Originally published in the Gujarat columns of Indian Opinion. 11th and 18th Dec., 1909.

This crucially important document was originally published in Indian newspapers. The English version was translated by Gandhi. Hind Swaraj carries the same importance to Indian thought as the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers have for Americans. Not only equally important, but political/social thinking of equal or superior brilliance compared to Madison, Monroe, Hamilton, Jefferson, et. al. The comprehension of non-Indian readers will be assisted by a thorough glossary at the end of the document. Downloads as a PDF of 293 kb. Those interested in making further inquiry into Gandhi's work should consult Gandhi.org, where other writings of his may be found online. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Griffin, Edward G. World Without Cancer. Westlake Village, California: American Media, 1997.

Griffin presents and proves two theses in one book: the first, that cancer is a nutritional deficiency disease, far more readily curable with vitamins and other natural remedies than with AMA-approved conventional approaches; the second, that there is a reason natural therapies are so strongly suppressed. That reason being a virtual conspiracy by powerful interests who are making huge fortunes from the cancer business. Exposure of the power structure's goals and means fits into this collection of social criticism materials. What is provided here for download amounts to ten percent of the entire book: Chapters 17, 18, 19 and 20. It is offered in hopes that the reader of this excerpt will be moved to purchase the book. American Media is passionate about the beliefs promulgated in their publications and offers quantity discounts on their titles in hopes the readers will buy a few to distrubute to friends and acquaintences. Downloads as a PDF, about 125kb. IN PRINT, COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL

Hale, Annie Riley. These Cults: An Analysis of the Foibles of Dr. Morris Fishbeins "Medical Follies" and Medical Practice in General, etc. New York. National Health Foundation, 1926.

Scathing criticism of the American Medical Association's attacks on other forms of medical practice and defense of Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physical Culture (Bernarr Macfadden), Christian Science and etc. Why have any interest in issues this old? Because the contemporary allopathic medical-model establishment still operates in the very same suppressive way. Thanks to Gary Krasner of the Coalition for Informed Choice for the lend of this book. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Hale, Annie Riley. The Medical Voodoo. New York: Gotham House, 1936.

Annie Hale does it again, this time her brief attacks the fiction that bacteria are the cause of disease, brings forth all the anti-pasteurian evidence of Béchamp, cites case after case of the failures and evils of vaccination and even shreds the cancer business. Downloads as a PDF of 672 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Hudson, Michael. Super Imperialism: The Origin and Fundamentals of U.S. World Dominance. Second Edition. London: Pluto Press, 2003.

The story of how the U.S. Government, operating over the last century with what might seem a long-range plan, created a super imperialism that controls most of the planet primarily through financial manipulation, and until recently, used military force only as secondary measure. Hudson wrote with such mental clarity that one chapter, his lengthy "Introduction," comprehends all the major points in the book. The Introduction alone should provide a series of major realisations to someone who has already been observing the resort to force happening with ever-increasing frequency and magnitude. To download just the introduction, click here. Super Imperialism can be purchased in-print-on-paper through all the usual channels of retail trade.The entire book downloads as a PDF of 1.52 mb. AVAILABLE HERE WITH PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR.

Illich, Ivan. Medical Nemesis. New York: Pantheon Books, 1976.

Illich was an iconoclast the equal of Lundberg, who critically examined many social issues, including medical care. He points out in excruciating precision how "scientific" medicine causes as much sickness and suffering as it purports to prevent whilst interfering with the intrinsic dignity and freedoms of people. OUT OF PRINT.

Jadczyk, Laura Knight and Joe Quinn. 9/11: The Ultimate Truth. Australia: Red Pill Press, 2006.

This book is currently is central to a happening internet discussion about the nature of evil and why psychopathic personalities almost inevitably take control of bureaucracies and governments. Historically this tendency has inevitably led to catastrophic outcomes such as the Holocost of WWII. Much of this book is "way out there;" some of its content will offend, particularly Jadczyk's effort to comprehend anti-semitism. Her statements about Jews may likely be seen as anti-semitic by those who are touchy about the subject, so be warned if that is yourself. The reason this chapter is in the Soil and Health Library is that Jadczyk does an excellent job presenting the core discoveries from the seminal study of evil, Political Ponerology, by Andrew Lobaczewski. The book is in print and may be purchased online from the publisher, Red Pill Press. Because of that only one chapter may be copied for purposes of study. Fortunately, much of the most valuable information in Jadczyk's book is found in a single chapter toward the end of her book. Offered here is a lengthy chapter "Out Of The Labrynth." Downloads as a PDF of 4.8 mb. IN PRINT.

Josephson, Emanuel M. Rockefeller "Internationalist": The Man Who Misrules The World. New York: Chedney Press, 1952.

Josephson was a medical doctor, assistant medical director of the American Red Cross in Europe during the post WWI period. He is particularly concerned with exposure of corruption in medical practice. Downloads as a PDF of 1.2 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Josephson, Emanuel M. The Truth About Rockefeller: Public Enemy No. 1; Studies In Criminal Psychopathy. New York: Chedney Press, 1964.

Downloads as a PDF of 1.2 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Lymington, Viscount (The Earl of Portsmouth). Alternative to Death: the relationship between soil, family and the community. London: Faber and Faber, 1943.

In the dark hours of WWII, Lymington published this sensitive consideration about the direction to which the future should be guided after the war was over. He was remarkably aware of broadly destructive social-economic trends that, in his day were only becoming perceptible to the acutely aware, but that now are full-blown and shockingly dangerous to life as someone that would have been considered a human being half a century ago. Downloads as a PDF of 570 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Lundberg, Ferdinand. The Rich and the Super Rich. New York: Lyle Stewart, 1968.

Shows with overwhelming evidence who rules and specifically how they rule. Although decades have passed since this book was written and the individuals have changed, the families in power haven't changed. This book allows someone with perceptiveness to look through the news, peek behind distractions of current events and see what probabably is really happening. OUT OF PRINT

McWilliams, Carey. Ill Fares The Land: Migrants and Migratory Labour in the United States. London: Faber & Faber, 1945. Downloads as a PDF of 1.25 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Mullins, Eustace. The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (Jekyll Island Edition). Staunton, Virginia: Bankers Research Institute, 1991.

In the muckracking tradition, this book shows how the FED has caused ongoing inflation whilst it robs the average American of security and prosperity, transfering huge wealth and total social control to a small circle of insider bloodlines. Downloads as a PDF of 1.86 mb. Time to scan and format this title: 06:15. OUT OF PRINT.

Mullins, Eustace. Murder By Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America. Staunton, Virginia: The National Council for Medical Research, 1988.

In the tradition of Bealle's Drug Story, a scathing exposé of the still-current drugging scene, with links to the real powers behind the scenes, manipulating the public's awareness. Mullins is my favourite anti-Semite but this kink in his character can almost be forgiven. Downloads as a PDF of 1.15 mb. Time to scan and format this title: 04:55. OUT OF PRINT.

O' Neill, Gerald K. The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space. London: Johnathan Cape, 1977.

There is enough construction material floating around the solar system to build habitats with 3,000 times the surface area of Earth. These habitats would enjoy unlimited virtually free energy and could provide Earth with the same (unlimited free energy) by beaming down microwaves generated from solar power. If we had but begun this effort when O'Neill pointed the way, there would already be the first habitats and a mass migration of population off planet could have already started. O'Neill saw that if we made the effort to move off-planet then by the end of this 21st century, very few humans would be left living on Earth; this planet would have been turned into a nature/vacation preserve. But now it may be too late for humanity. We have gone through our surplus petroleum energy and may now have become too thoroughly embroiled in conflict over who controls the remaining, diminishing resource base that cannot possibly satisfy a still growing planetary population. If this window of opportunity is actually now closed to humanity, then it may be too late for us; our civilization may be doomed. OUT OF PRINT.

Osborn, Fairfield. The Limits of the Earth. London: Faber & Faber, 1954.

World survey of the planet's potential to support an ever-increasing population. Not particularly encouraging. Downloads as a PDF of 531 kb. Total time to process this book: 02:30. OUT OF PRINT.

Packard, Vance. The Hidden Persuaders. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1957.

Trailblazing exposé explaining of the widespread use of "Motivational Research" to guide advertising by major corporate interests. MR has turned people into helpless, insatiable consumers. This book caused quite a stir when it first appeared, but Packard failed in his main goal, which was to counter this trend. Downloads as a PDF of 787 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Packard, Vance. The Status Seekers: An Exploration of Class Behaviour in America. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1959.

As the title says, America is very much a class society, (until recently) far more so than Australia. Downloads as a PDF of 1.01 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Packard, Vance. The Waste Makers. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1960.

Analysis of how our economic culture requires ever-increasing business expansion. Thus it builds short working lives into the consumer gear it manufactures whilst issuing intense propaganda to convince the "consumer" to consume more. Also points out that this is a non-sustainable activity and inevitably leads to resource depletion such as we are beginning to experience most painfully with oil. Downloads as a PDF of 953 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Packard, Vance.The Pyramid Climbers. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1963.

The making, selection and nature of senior corporate business executives, especially the Chief Executive Officer. Downloads as a PDF of 913 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Quigley, Carroll. The Anglo American Establishment. New York, Books In Focus, 1981.

Quigley's books are of much interest to those who investigate what has been termed the Illuminati, or other upper-eschelon conspiracies. They have long been conveniently out of print. Downloads as a PDF of 1.5 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Quigley, Carroll. The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction To Historical Analysis.

Downloads as a PDF of 2.4 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Quigley, Carroll. Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World In Our Time. New York: Macmillan, 1966.

Downloads as a PDF of 5.6 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Székely, Edmond. Cottage Economy: a way of living for the atomic age. London: Godfrey L. Rudd, Ltd., 1953.

Offers us a different and entirely superior way of operating the household economy, and of life itself. The booklet was generously lent to this library for scanning by Mrs. Deborah Székely. Downloads as a PDF of 219 kb. OUT OF PRINT

Székely, Edmond. Guide to Health, Life and Wisdom. Tecate, California: Essene School of Life, 1943.

This 36 page booklet provides a valuable insight into the nature of the Essene School of Life. However, the paper had browned badly and a printer's error rendered two pages entirely impossible to OCR. So this booklet is offered as a bitmap scan only, which is why, despite being such a small document, it downloads as a PDF of 2.11 mb. The booklet was lent to this library by Mrs. Deborah Székely. Published without notice of copyright: PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Székely, Edmond Bordeaux. Future Of Humanity. Tecate, California, Essene School of Life, 1945.

The booklet was generously lent to this library for scanning by Mrs. Deborah Székely. Downloads as a PDF of 193 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Székely, Edmond Bordeaux. Ludwig Van Beethoven. Tecate, California, Essene School of Life, 1947.

The booklet was generously lent to this library for scanning by Mrs. Deborah Székely. Downloads as a PDF of 160 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

"The Tragedy of the Commons," Garrett Hardin, Science, 162 (1968):1243-1248.

A classic article, much discussed by those concerned with the continued survival of a large population of homo sapiens in a civilized condition. COPYRIGHT STATUS UNCERTAIN

Thomsen, Moritz. Living Poor: A Peace Corps Chronicle. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1969.

Well-written story of a well-meaning American, Moritz Thomsen who came from a farm, joined the Peace Corps and served several years in a coastal Ecuadorian village. Thomsen devoted his time to helping the villagers by instituting all the officially-approved measures: better farming, forming a cooperative, etc. Ultimately, we come to understand how and why his every effort was doomed to failure by the nature of the villagers and the suppressive and self-destructive social system in which they live (and to which they help maintain). Before I foolishly set out to help some struggling community or "poor" person I try to remember to first reread Thomsen's book. OUT OF PRINT

Walker, Martin. Dirty Medicine. London: Slingshot Publications, 1993.

Chris Gupta, who donated the raw scan of this rare, hard to find and important book, says of it: "This excellent and well researched book gives, a history of the worldwide attacks on complementary and alternative medicine which started in the last century to create a sickness industry under the pretense of health. Detailing the assault on natural health-care by organized science, big business and the media. It is one of the most important books written on health. To view Chris' excellent freedom-oriented website, click here. Duplicating the complex formatting of Dirty Medicine made it a daunting project; to make converting it to an e-book more confrontable its many (interesting) footnotes are located immediately following the paragraph they refer to instead of being at the bottome of a page. Downloads as a PDF of 2.48 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Wrench, G.T., M.D. (Lond.) The Restoration of the Peasantries, With especial reference to that of India. London: C.W. Daniel Company, Ltd., 1939.

Argues, in Wrench's wise and admirable style, that the health--indeed, the very continuation of our civilization--depends on the health and prosperity of agricultural producers, and explains how the thrust of modern finance-based civilization has worked to destroy their very existence. OUT OF PRINT.

Wrench, G.T., M.D. Reconstruction By Way of the Soil. London: Faber and Faber, 1946.

A review of world history connecting landholding and farming systems with the continuation of civilizations. Another example of Dr. Wrench's amazing intellect. OUT OF PRINT.

Wylie, Harvey W. The History of a Crime Against The Food Law: The Amazing Story of the National Food and Drugs Law Intended To Protect The Health Of The People; Perverted to Protect Adulteration of Foods. Washington, D.C., Harvey W. Wiley, 1929.

Dr. Wylie recounts his attempt to enforce a pure food law, and how the law's enforcement and later the law itself was perverted by those interested in profiting personally by adulterating and degrading the nation's food supply. Here we have reproduced the photolithographic version published by the very admirable Lee Foundation For Nutritional Research of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1955. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

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