1. Anyone who wishes may ascertain for himself what the ownership situations are by consulting the Official Summary of Security Transactions and Holdings of the Securities and Exchange Commission. For a particular company it is best to begin with the latest monthly issue and trace it back in its alphabetized order through each year. Immediately after stock splits and stock dividends is a good time to look for the entire roster of officers, directors and those holding more than 10 per cent of the stock. There is little difficulty about this procedure as long as only one or a few companies are traced. But considerable time is required if one wishes to trace the big holdings in the major companies. It took me 165 hours to trace all the companies listed back through 1960 and the following from 1945 to 1960: Aluminum Co. of America, Atlantic Refining, Du Pont, Ford Motor, Ohio Oil, Sears, Roebuck, Socony and the various Standard Oil companies. But considerable time was taken to make note of many holdings and some time was taken for certain additional companies prior to 1960.

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