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Borsodi, Ralph. Flight From The City. New York: Harper & Row, 1933.

Chronicles the Borsodi family's journey from job-in-the-city dependency to self-sufficient country independence. Borsodi was far-sighted enough to accomplish this move during the prosperity of the 1920s; his books served as guideposts for many anguished wage-slaves who saw his book as a guiding light toward financial security, even survival, during the Great Depression. More, Ralph Borsodi was an amazingly intelligent social critic whose view cut through to the very heart of the contradictions and problems of industrial civilization. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Bruce, Maye E .Common-Sense Compost Making By the Quick Return Method, with a foreword by L.F. Easterbrook. London: Faber and Faber, 1946.

A basic and effective how-to manual. Thanks are due to Keith Atkinson who makes Journey To Forever website for doing the fine scan of this title. Downloads as a PDF of 1.25 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Campbell, Dr. Charles. A.R. Bats, Mosquitoes and Dollars. Boston: The Stratford Company, 1925.

The mosquito is one of the greatest hinderances to the enjoyment of country living. They can bring disease. Dr. Campbell discovered ecological handlings that virtually eliminated night-flying mosquitoes by the cultivation of bat colonies. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Cash, John D. and Martin G. Cash. Producer Gas For Motor Vehicles. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1940.

A WWII manual for producing your own motor vehicle fuel. The scan for this book was supplied by a library patron. Downloads as a PDF of 2.4 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Cookson, B.M. Dairy Cows and Their Management. London: Faber and Faber, Ltd., 1944.

A small book of great help to someone wishing to keep and maintain a healthy family cow. Downloads as a PDF of 1.4 mb. Total time to process this book: 6 hours. OUT OF PRINT.

Cushing, Helen. Beyond Organics. Sydney: ABC Books, 2005.

Ever since the 1940s when J.I. Rodale first began to promot the concept, gardeners have used the ideal of "organic" as their standard of comparison. Helen's book points out the ways forward from this beginning, ways out of doctrinaire adherance to almost religious principles to broader and wiser approaches. The author still (as of 2008) has a few hundred copies for sale; contact Helen Cushing via her website, www.gardenofwords.net. Downloads as a searchable-text PDF of about 11 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Drew, J.M. Farm Blacksmithing. St. Paul, Minnesota: Webb Publishing Company, 1901.

Classic illustrated manual targeted at the farmer. Downloads as a non-searchable image PDF of 2.8 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Ellis, William. The Country Housewife's Family Companion, with a modern introduction by Malcolm Thick. First published in 1750 for James Hodges, London and B. Collins, Salisbury. Text and apparatus copyright Prospect Books. Copyright of Introduction, Malcolm Thick.

A complete how-to manual of country skills. Interesting on many levels, from how-to make everything from bacon to medicine, to helping create an appreciation for the nature of mid-18th century English country life, to helping create an appreciation of how the diet and habits of the era created the diseases that demanded the medicines listed. IN PRINT; HERE WITH DIRECT PERMISSION OF THE PUBLISHER, PROSPECT BOOKS.

Franck, Gertrud. Companion Planting: Successful Gardening The Organic Way. Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: Thorsons Publishers Limited, 1983. First published in Germany as Gesunder Garten durch Mischkulture, 1980.

With a nearly bio-dynamic understanding of the life processes Gertrud Franck worked out her own system using living mulch, companion planting and other unique solutions deriving entirely from observations during her lifetime of raising the family's food. The book is inspirational yet is also flawed in a way common to how-to veggie garden texts: it assumes that what has worked so excellently in one microclimate on one soil when done by one powerful human is thus, universally applicable. This assumption is rarely correct. But what is widely applicable from this book is the method of coming to have an understanding and then making a functional application from it. Some of the photographs in the original were in colour; these have been reduced to black and white in the interest of having a reasonable file size. Total time to scan, ocr and format this book: 5 hours 10 minutes. Downloads as a PDF of 1.21 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Freed, Dolly. Possum Living: How To Live Well Without A Job and With (almost) No Money. New York: Universe Books, 1978.

Possum Living was withdrawn from circulation in May, 2009 because of contact from a new publisher who is bringing out a print edition in January, 2010. Check this spot for further details regarding the availability of the book. And following, to tantalize you, is the description of the book offered when it was posible to legally provide copies of this excellent item. When I was in my early 30s we used our first surplus few thousand dollars to make the down payment on an inexpensive run-down house with an acre lot on an unpaved dusty street in the extreme western San Fernando Valley. We practiced a modified version of "simple living"--earning what then seemed like a lot of money by self-employment while spending a lot less than we earned. The result was that in a few years we could buy a free-and-clear homestead in Oregon. My favorite book at that time was a little paperback called How To Live On Nothing; I have a hardcover copy on this book the shelf right now but in the current scene How To Live On Nothing" does not seem to be worth the time it would take to scan and put it on line. Then a patron sent me Possum Living. Although not nearly as long a book as How To Live On Nothing, it is heaps funnier. Since beingness always preceeds doingness or havingness, Possum Living may perform just the attitude adjustment on you that is needed to make your life a lot more pleasant and set you off on a course of thrifty practice. Possum Living expresses what I consider to be genuine (and vanishing) 'mer'can attitudes of self-sufficiency, independence and true grit. OUT OF PRINT.

Graham, Benjamin and Charles McGolrick. The Interpretation of Financial Statements. New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1955. A revision of the book by Benjamin Graham and Spencer B. Meredith first published in 1937.

These days it is generally assumed that the share markets are a perfectly fit place to grow one's savings. This little book completely enables an intelligent investor to read and understand honestly-stated corporate financial reports. When a corporate financial statement seems incomprehensible or unanalyzable after applying the understandings gained from Graham's book, then it is reasonable to assume that what is being analyzed is an example of accounting dishonesty, in the same order of manipulation that has caused the recent collapses of Enron and other large corporations. Until the middle 1990s there were many corporate financial statements that could be comprehended in this manner. After that time there seemed very few, and those few did not meet Graham's standards of proper valuation for investment with a reasonable margin of safety. Downloads as a PDF of 406kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Hall, Bolton. Three Acres And Liberty. New York: Macmillan, 1922. First published 1907.

A passionate plea for independence and self-sufficiency on small, intensively worked acreages. Before the depopulation of American countryside and the mushrooming of our cities, how to do it books about country living were numerous, but none earlier than this one have Hall's "back to the land" orientation. With a broad sense of history that would do justice to someone of our own era, Hall observes the social forces propelling people into city poverty when they could live with simple liberty and plenty in the country. Many similar and far less intelligent pleas have followed Three Acres and Liberty, the greatest number of these later-similar books propelled the Mother Earth News generation of the 1970's. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Henderson, Peter. Gardening for Profit; a guide to the successful cultivation of the market and family garden. New York: Orange Judd Company, 1882. First printing was in 1866.

I have rarely learned as much from a book about vegetable raising as I did from reading this one. Henderson was a master market gardener selling into the New York City market. His techniques for wintering over vegetables, for producing out of season and his general intelligence constantly make me think "Eureka!" The contemporary crop of garden gurus have nothing on this man. Downloads as a pdf of 1.38 mb. Total time to process this book: 13:05. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Hoye, David. Solargas: How to easily make your own auto and heating fuel for pennies a gallon. Los Angeles: International Publishing, 1979.

Much in the same tradition as Possum Living, this book clearly and simply demonstrates how any energetic and determined person can easily make all the ethanol and/or methanol a person could need from all sorts of organic wastes, corn, sugar beets, etc., using home-made equipment of great simplicity, and best of all, this alcohol production is entirely powered by the sun. The only things restricting this production are various governmental restrictions on the production of alcohol and the Establishment propaganda that intends to keep people dependent. This might be the most important single book on the entire website. Downloads as a PDF of 3.3 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Hyams, Edward. Melons Under Cloches. London: Faber & Faber, LTD, 1952.

Hyams is better known for having written Soil and Civilization but he was also an avid gardener with a passion for growing melons. This may not seem the reason for major interest and a book devoted to but one species to someone gardening where summers are warm and long, but to raise melons in chilly England is no mean trick. To succeed Hyams had to fully grasp the nature of the melon plant and how to help it. The book also contains helpful tips to succeed with cucumbers and zucchini where the summers are too cool for them. Downloads as a PDF of 766 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

LaFontaine, H. and F.P. Zimmerman. Construction Of A Simplified Wood Gas Generator for Fueling Internal Combustion Engines In A Petroleum Emergency--Final Report. Washington, D.C., FEMA, 1989.

Image-only (not searchable text) scan of this valuable publication. Downloads as a PDF of about 9 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Logsdon, Gene. Small-Scale Grain Raising. Emmaus, PA: Rodale Press, 1977.

A thorough rundown on producing homestead cereals. Gene based most of the information in this book upon his own experience. Although the extensive where-to-buy-it information is quite dated, the book's general techniques should remain useful indefinitely. In September, 2008, Gene Logsdon contacted this library to report that a major US publisher, Chelsea Green, is coming out with a new edition of his book, scheduled for spring, 2009 in N. America. Meanwhile, to assist the process this book has been withdrawn and will not be again availble on this library website unless it goes out of print again.

Logsdon, Gene. Getting Food From Water: A guide to Backyard Aquaculture. Emmaus, P.A.: Rodale Press, 1978.

A thorough look at the potentials and practices of raising food in ponds, rivers, streams, lakes and seaside homesteads. The book shines when discussing areas that Logsdon knows intimately; in other areas it is a bit more of a report and summary of information assembled by Rodale's editors. Lavishly, perhaps "extravagantly" illustrated with photos and drawings. The ones that Rodale included more for decoration than to communicate information have not been reproduced in this copy. Also not included are the extensive appendices, listing sources from which to purchase supplies. Still, even with all these reductions, this book remains a large download, a PDF of 4.1 mb. Total time to scan, ocr and format: 10:30. OUT OF PRINT.

Eugène N. Marais. The Soul of the White Ant. Translated by Winifred de Kok. 1937 First published in Afrikaans under the title Die Siel van die Mier. With and introduction by Keith Addison, who with great love and admiration for Marais, did the scan. This book can also be found on Keith's website: http://www.journeytoforever.org/

A lyrical and passionate exploration of the life and consciousness of the Termite. An amazing bit of naturalist literature. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Magdoff, Fred and Harold van Es. Building Soils for Better Crops. Second Ed. Washington, D.C., Sustainable Agriculture Network, 2002.

This book contains the finest made-simple explanations of how soil works, why organic matter levels and qualities in soils is the key to intelligent management decisions. A teriffic e-book for small farmers and homesteaders. Downloads as a PDF of 4.02 mb.

Managing Cover Crops Profitably. A cooperative writing effort organized by the Sustainable Agriculture Network, U.S.D.A. Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD., 1998.

A complete look a the use of and problems with cover cropping and green manuring that encompasses all climates of the USA. Downloads as a PDF of 2.77mb.

Manley, R.O.B. Honey Farming. London: Faber and Faber, 1946.

An advanced text for the professional beekeeper. Also contains a thorough and critical review of beekeeping literature up to its date of publication. This title was available until late May, 2009 when it was discovered to be in print by Northern Bee Books in the UK. . IN PRINT.

Marr, Charles W., et. al. Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers. Salina, Kansas. Kansas State Co-op Agricultural Extension Service, 1998.

Thorough discussion of the use of and problems with the use of cover cropping and green manure crops, particularly applicable to the middle latitudes of the United States and of great value to the home gardener considering cover cropping. Provides an excellent introduction to the nature and uses of many green manure species. Downloads as a PDF of 98 kb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Miller, C.C. Fifty Years Among the Bees. Medina, Ohio: A. I. ROOT COMPANY, 1911.

One hundred eleven photographic figures; fifty years of experience; 4.3 mb; downloads as single .pdf document. This book has long been a classic among beekeepers. Thanks to Lee Larson of Portland, Oregon for the lend of this book. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Neumeyer, Kenneth. Sailing The Farm. Jensen Beach, Florida: Voyager's Press, 1980.

Staying healthy on long sea voyages has been a problem ever since sea voyages got longer than a week or so. Neumeyer explains how to create fresh, living food whilst at sea by sprouting, by gathering sea weeds, etc. Our copy was once part of Ross Horne's library. Downloads as a PDF of 2.5 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Nelson, K.D. Design and Construction of Small Earth Dams. Melbourne: Inkata Press, 1985.

K.D. Nelson spent 30 years in government working with water resources and consulting worldwide. His book provieds a sound practical approach to investigating, designing and constructing small earth dams that do not fail. The book contains many detailed drawings and a few photos. Downloads as a PDF of 12.5 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Roberts, Rex. Your Engineered House. New York: M.C. Evans Company, 1964.

This book can't be praised enough! Roberts is both a master builder and a master house designer; he takes the reader step by step through designing and building a totally sensible wooden house that defies all conventional approaches. Roberts will help you reconsider which materials are most sensible, instruct you in design principles, and to stand outside many building styles that aren't really as sensible as the mass of people might believe. Sadly, after the so-called energy crisis of the 1970s, the so-called energy-conservation legislation in the United States mandated national building codes that prohibited much of what Roberts suggested in this book. Still, it is highly valuable, particularly in places where one may freely design and build their own house largely out of wood. The file size is large because of numerous hand-done drawings and plans. Downloads as a PDF of 5.14 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Solomon, Steve. Gardening Without Irrigation--or not much, anyway. Seattle: Sasquatch Books, 1993. Originally published as Waterwise Gardening. Four color pictures.

This is a guide to growing food without dependence on irrigation. It was written entirely from personal observations and original research between 1979 and 1993, all in western Oregon, a climate that has virtually no rainfall from June through September, a guaranteed four months of drought every year. It has broad applications to anyplace where the rains can't be depended upon and to anyone who is using a well, off the grid, or etc. There's another facet to this book too. The current gardening trend is intensive, postage-stamp, high-yield, raised bed. This book explains the dynamics behind the absolute opposite of what everyone else is doing. It is extensive, low-yield, low-maintenance. OUT OF PRINT.

Solomon, Steve. Organic Gardener's Composting. Portland: Van Patten, 1993.

Two subjects in one book: a basic, how-to-make-compost book in Part One; and an analysis of the nutritional consequences of soil fertility management choices and how to make really good compost in Part Two. OUT OF PRINT.

Solomon, Steve. Composteren voor Biologische Tuiniers. Originele Engelstalige titel: "Organic Gardeners Composting." © Nederlandse vertaling Rob Hundscheidt.

Twee onderwerpen in één boek. In deel 1 staat de funfamentele methode van het compostmaken beschreven; en in deel 2 staan de resultaten van een juiste of onjuiste omgang met de bodemvruchtbaarheid beschreven en hoe men zeer goede compost maakt. Bijgewerkte versie 2007. PDF 723 kb. WORDT NIET MEER GEDRUKT.

Wojciechowska, Paulina. Building With Earth: A Guide To Flexible Earthbag Construction. White River Junction, Vermont: Chelsea Green, 2002.

This book will guide you to success at building inexpensive, beautiful and durable homes (and other structures) using soil and sand, recycled plastic bags, a bit of Portland cement. . .  One can not imagine why the publisher, Chelsea Green, ever allowed this book to go out of print. Apologies are owed for minor recognition mistakes in the scan we offer here. Prior to ABBYY FineReader 9.0, the scan of this book would have required the use of PageMaker, a full re-typesetting, and an investment of about 30-40 hours of close attention. With 9.0 the entire job took 7 hours. FineReader did not do a perfect job of font and size recognition, and there remain some errors, but these do not detract from reading or enjoying the book. Downloads as a PDF of 2.2 mb. OUT OF PRINT.


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