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Modern Introduction by MalcolmThick
   Footnotes to Editor's Introduction


Of the several Sorts of Wheat usuallysown in England for making Bread.

Of the Nature and Uses of good and bad Yeast or Barm, as it relates to baking of Bread.
Of making common Wheaten-Bread for a private Family in
To make Bread with a Mixture of Wheat and Barley Meal, so as to make it answer the greatest Advantage of a Family.
Of the several Uses of Barley-Meal, and Fat, in making Pye-Crust, Pancakes, Puddings, &c.
How commodiously Pancakes answer the Farmers, the Yeomens, and Gentlemens Interest.
Of making Puddings with Wheat-Flower, in Harvest, and at other Times in the Year.
Of Apple-Pyes, and Apple-Pasties, for Harvest and other Times.
Of Victualling Harvest-men in

Of the Nature and Uses of Pork inHarvest and at other Times of the Year.

The Benefts of saving the Fat of boiled, roasted, or baked Meats.
Of saving the best Fat of a Porker or Bacon Hog.
Of making Sausages.
Of making Black and White Hogs Puddings.
Of Chitterlins, their Make and Use.
Of Bacon in general.
Of the Feeding of Boars, and making Brawn of them.
The Management of Sows and their Pigs. 

Of Cheap, Approved, and ExperiencedMEDICINESand REMEDIES for Divers Diseases incident to Human Bodies.

Of Poultry and their Eggs.


Of Thefts and Robberies, with Precautionsto prevent them.

Diseases and Medicines.


of the Butter and CheeseDairy.

Various RECEITS.

Of Brewing Malt Liquors.