Book List of
Recommended Reading


   NOTE: Although the book list is divided under three headings:General, Cancer and AIDS, it should be remembered that all disease states are linkedto unbalanced homeostasis one way or another, so that whatever a person's particularhealth problem may be, and whatever set of circumstances may have brought it about,the principles involved in restoring homeostasis will be the same in all cases. Thusthere should be no attempt to search for specialised information once the requiredunderstanding of any single health problem has been gained. What I am trying to sayis that you would not be wasting time if you read all the books.

   Broadly, the books fall into three categories:

  1. Those written by highly experienced doctors.
  2. Those written by grateful survivors (some of them doctors).
  3. Those written by investigative journalists.

   Books marked with an asterisk are considered to be especiallyinformative.

   Many of the books are out of print and hard to locate. Two possiblesources are Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, California, and The Cancer Control Society,2043 N. Berendo, Los Angeles. To gain a deeper understanding of the processes thatgo on within the body, one has to become acquainted with the study of the Earth itself,the soil, the microbes in the soil, the plants, biology, physiology, anatomy andso on. Life and the nutrition that sustains it is an interesting and complex affair,which to find out if you've got it right you have to live 150 years! As far as Iknow the only people who have achieved this are simple peasants who aren't even interested!It's worth a try anyway . . .


Dissent in Medicine: Nine Doctors Speak Out, Robert Mendelsohn MD, GeorgeCrile MD, Samuel Epstein MD, Henry Heinlich MD, Alan Levin MD, Edward Pickney MD,David Spodick MD, Richard Moskowitz MD, Gregory White MD (Contemporary Books, 1985)

The Doctors, A Penetrating Analysis of the American Physician, Martin Gross(Random House, 1966)

Confessions of a Medical Heretic*, Dr Robert Mendelsohn (Contemporary Books,1979)

Medicine Out of Control, The Anatomy of a Malignant Technology, RichardTaylor (Sunbooks, Melbourne, 1979)

What the Medical Establishment Won't Tell You That Could Save Your Life,Michael Culbert, Ph.D (Downing Publishers, Norfolk, Vancouver, 1983)

Medical Nemesis, Ivan Illich (Pantheon Press, 1975)

Limits of Medicine, Ivan Illich (Lothian Publishing, 1976)

The Body is the Hero, Dr Ronald Glasser (William Collins, 1977)

The Naked Empress or The Great Medical Fraud, Hans Ruesch (Buchverlag,CIVIS Publications, 1982)

The Great Billion Dollar Medical Swindle, Keith Lasks, MD (Bobbs-Merill,Indianapolis, 1980)

Some Doctors Make You Sick. The Scandal of Medical Incompetence, StephenRice, BA, BL (Angus & Robertson, 1988)

Don't Call a Doctor, John Kerr (Veritas Publishing, Australia, 1987)

Health Shock, A Guide to Ineffective and Hazardous Medical Treatment, MartinWeitz (Reed Publishers, Sydney, 1980)

The Drug Story, Morris Beale (Biworld Publishers, Utah, 1949)

Pills That Don't Work, Sidney Wolfe, MD (Public Citizens Health ResearchGroup, 1981)

Medical Drugs on Trial, Verdict Guilty, Kiki Sidhwa (Natural Hygiene Press,1976)

Prescription Drugs, Peggy Mullen, Pharm. D (Beekman House, 1985)

Non-Prescription Drugs & Their Side Effects, Robert Benowicz (Grosset& Dunlop, 1977)

Prescription Drugs & Their Side Effects, Edward Stern (Putnam Publishing,NY, 1975-87)

The Drug Story, Morris Bealle (Biworld Publishers, 1949, 1976)

Vaccination Condemned, E. McBean, Ph.D (Better Life Research, Los Angeles,1981)

The Solid Gold Stethoscope, Edgar Berman, MD (Macmillan, 1976)

Fluoridation, the Great Dilemma, Dr George Waldbott (Coronado Press, 1978)

Murder By Injection, Eustace Mullins (The National Council for MedicalResearch, Straunton, Vancouver, 1988)

Poison By Prescription. The AZT Story, John Lauritsen (Asklepois, New York,1990)

A New Bacteriology, Drs Soren Sonea and Maurice Panisset (Jones & Bartlett,Boston, 1983)

Pasteur or Beauchamp?*, E. Douglas Hume (C.W. Daniel Co. 1923, Reprint1989, Health Research)

The Genesis and Control of Disease*, Dr George Weger, MD (Phillips, LosAngeles, 1931)

The True Science of Living*, Dr Edward Dewey (Haskell & Son, London,1899)

Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws*, Dr Herbert Shelton (Health Research,Mokelumne Hill, California)

Impaired Health Cause and Cure*, Dr John Tilden, MD (Health Research)

Vitality, Fasting & Nutrition*, Dr Hereward Carrington, Ph.D (HealthResearch, Mokelumne Hill, California)

The Missing Link in the Medical Curriculum, Jay M. Hoffman, Ph.D (ProfessionalPress)

Nutrition Health and Disease, Gary Todd, MD (Downing Publishers, 1985)

McDougall's Medicine, A Challenging Second Opinion, John McDougall, MD(New Century Publishers, 1985)

Old Age Deferred, Arnold Lorand, MD (F.A. Davis Co., Philadelphia, 1911)

Enzyme Nutrition*, Dr Edward Howell (Avery Publishing, Wayne, NJ, 1985)

Health and Long Life, Dr Bernard Jensen (Ommi ublishers, Escondido, Ca.,1975)

Primal Health, A Blueprint for Our Survival, Michae Odent, Surgeon (CenturyHutchinson, 1986)

Immune For Life, Dr Arnold Fox (Medallion, 1986)

The New Science of Healing*, Dr Louis Kuhne (from the German) (Williamsand Norgate, London, 1894)

The Low Fat Way to Health and Longer Life, Dr Lester Morrison (PrenticeHall, 1958)

What Your Doctor Didn't Learn in Medical School, Dr Stuart Berger (Bantam,1988)

The Health Secrets of a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Max Garten (Parker Publishing,New York, 1967)

The New Health Era*, Dr William Howard Hay (Pacono Hay-Ven, Mt Pocono,Pa., 1933)

Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition, Francis Pottenger, MD (Price-PottengerFoundation, La Mesa, Ca., 1983)

The Prevention of the Diseases Peculiar to Civilization* (1929), Dr SirWilliam Arbuthnot Lane

Toxemia Explained*, Dr John Tilden (Health Research, 1927,1952)

The Health Handbook*, Dr Are Waerland, Ph.D (from the Swedish) (HumataPublications, Bern)

The Stress of Life, Hans Selye, MD (McGraw-Hill, 1956)

How Nature Cures*, Dr Emmet Densmore (Stillman & Co, New York, 1892)

How to Prolong Life*, Dr Charles DeLacy Evans, Ph.D (Charles Sawyer, London,1910)

The Wheel of Health*, Dr G.T. Wrench (C.W. Daniel Co, London, 1938)

Sea Energy Agriculture*, Dr Maynard Murray (Valentine Books, Winston-Salem,NC, 1976)

Man the Unknown*, Dr Alexis Carrel (Hamish Hamilton, London, 1935)

The Wisdom of the Body*, Dr Walter Cannon (W.W. Norton, 1932)

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration*, Weston Price, MSS DDS FACD (PricePottenger Foundation, La Mesa, 1945)

The Diseases of Civilization, Brian Inglis, Ph.D (Granada, 1983)

Human Degeneracy: Its Nature and Remedy*, Isaac Jennings, MD (Miller, Wood,New York, 1967)

Recovery From All Diseases, Masaharu Taniguchi, Ph.D (Seicho-No-Ie Foundation,Tokyo, 1963)

Natural Immunity, Noboro Muramoto (Oshawa Macrobiotic Foundation, Oroville,Ca., 1988)

Reversing Heart Disease, Julian Whitaker, MD (Warner Books, 1985)

Holistic Health, Lawrence Le Shan, MD (Holt Renechart, NY/Turnstone Press,UK, 1984)

Vital Facts About Foods, Otto Carque (Keats Publishing, New Canaan, Conn.,1975)

The Health Revolution (fourth ed.) *, Ross Horne (Happy Landings Publishers,Sydney, 1984)

Improving On Pritikin*, Ross Horne (Happy Landings Publishers, Sydney,1988)

The Anti-Cancer, Anti-Heart Attack Cookbook, Toni Bobbin, Ross Horne


Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases*, Max Gerson, MD (The Gerson Institute,Bonita, California)

The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer*, Otto Warburg, MD Ph.D (The CancerControl Society, Los Angeles, 1967)

The Survival Factor in Neoplastic & Viral Diseases*, William F. Koch,Ph.D MD (The Vanderkloot Press, Detroit, 1961)

A Solution To The Cancer Problem*, Cornelius Moerman, MD (Cornelius Moerman,Vlaardingen, Netherlands, 1962)

Cancer and Cure: A Doctor's Story, Eva Hill, MD (Bachman & Turner,London, 1976)

Nutrition & Cancer, Myron Winick, MD (John Viley & Sons Inc., 1977)

Fresh Hope With New Cancer Treatments, Maurice Finkel, B.Sc MS (PrenticeHall, New Jersey, 1984)

Winning The Fight Against Breast Cancer, Carlton Fredericks, Ph.D (Grosset& Dunlop, New York, 1977)

One Answer to Cancer, William Kelley, BA DDS MS (The Kelley Foundation,1974)

The Cancer Scourge & How to Destroy It; The Treatment of Cancer WithoutOperation (1903); and Reminiscences of An Old Physician (1924), Robert Bell,MD (Health Seekers International, Pinetown, South Africa)

Cholesterol: Causing Cancer and More, Arthur Isbit, Ph.D (Health PublishingCo, Chula Vista, Ca., 1984)

How I Overcame Inoperable Cancer, Dr Wong Hon Sun (Exposition Press, 1975)

How I Healed My Cancer Holistically, Dore Deverell (Psychenutrition Inc,Manhattan Beach, Ca., 1978)

Recalled By Life*, Anthony Satillaro, MD (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1982)

Cancer. A Healing Crisis, Jack Tropp (Exposition Press, NY, 1980)

You Bet You Can, Moscato Cards, (1984)

The Psychogenic Biochemical Aspects of Cancer, Harold Simmons (PhysogenicPublishing Co., Sacramento, California, 1979)

Metabolic Ecology, A Way to Win the Cancer War, Fred Rohe (Wedgestone Press,1982)

Prevention & Cure of Cancer, Mulhim Hassan, MD (Exposition Press, NY,1983)

Coping With Cancer, Dr Morton Walker (Devin Adair Publishers, Connecticut,1985)

Cancer & Vitamin C, Ewan Cameron & Linus Pauling (Warner Books,1979)

The Cancer Blackout, Nat Morris (Regent House, 1977)

The Grape Cure, Basil Shackleton (Thorsons Publishing, 1969)

What You Can Do to Prevent Cancer, Dr Oliver Alabaster (Nelson Publishing,Australia, 1985, Simon & Schuster, NY)

The Treatment of Cancer With Herbs, John Heinerman (Biworld Publishers'Utah, 1980)

Cancer As A Turning Point, Lawrence Le Shan, Ph.D (Dutton, NY, 1989)

I Fought Leukemia and Won, Rex B. Eyre (Hawkes Publishing, Salt Lake City,1982)

Is Cancer Curable? (Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, California)

Cancer Prevention Made Easy, Robert Schneider, MD (Prentice Hall, 1984)

You Can Conquer Cancer, Dr Ian Gawler (Hill of Content, Melbourne, 1984)

Getting Well Again, Carl Simonton, MD (J.P. Tarcher Inc., 1978)

I Beat Cancer, Bernice Wallin (Contemporary Books, 1978)

Vision Victory via Vitamins, Vital Foods, Diana Deimel (Chairu Publications,Pasadena, 1980)

Victory Over Cancer, Leonie McNabb (Veritas Publishing, 1978)

The Greatest Battle, Ronald Glasser, MD (Collins, London, 1978)

You Can Fight For Your Life, Lawrence LeShan MD PhD (Evans & Co., NewYork, 1977)

Cancer Winner: How I Purged Myself of Melanoma, Jacki Davison (PacificPress, Peirce City, Mo., 1977)

The Anti Cancer Diet, Donald Germann, MD (Wyden Books, 1977)

Cancer: How To Prevent It, George Berkely, Ph.D (Prentice Hall, 1978)

How I Conquered Cancer Naturally, Eydie Mae (Harvest House Publishers,1975)

Healed of Cancer, Jo Lawson (Logos International, 1977)

Cancer Causes & Natural Controls, Lynn Dallin, Ph.D (Ashley Books,Port Washington, 1983)

Cancer: A Disease of Civilization, Vilhjalmur Stephansson (Hill & Wang,New York, 1960)

Cancer and Other Diseases from Meat Consumption,  Blanche Leonardo,Ph.D (Leaves of Healing Publications, Santa Monica, 1979)

An End To Cancer?, Dr Leon Chaitow (Thorsons Publishers, 1983)

Does Diet Cure Cancer?, Dr Maud Tresillian Fore, MD (Thorsons Publishers,1971)

The Grape Cure, Johanna Brandt (Ehret Literature Publishing Co., Beaumont,Ca., 1948)

Be Your Own Doctor, Dr Ann Wigmore (Hemisphere Press, NY, 1976)

Cancer: A Disease of Civilization, Ebba Waerland (The Provoker Press, StCatherine, Ontario, 1976)

Too Young to Die, Rick Hill (Hill Publications, Rapids, 1979)

Victory Over Cancer Without Radium or Surgery, Cyril Scott (Health SciencePress, UK, 1939, 3rd impression 1969)

You Don't Have To Die*, Dr Harry S. Hoxsey (Nature Heals, Chapala, Mexico,1956)

Healing Miracles From Macrobiotics, Jean Charles Kohler (Parker Publishing,W. Nyack, NY, 1979)

The Cancer Syndrome, Ralph Moss (Grove Press, NY, 1980)

Anatomy of An Illness, Norman Cousins (Norton, 1979; Bantam, 1981)

The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale (Prentice Hall, 1952)

Mind-Made Disease, Ahri Vijayedev Yogendra (Yoga Education Centre, St Kilda,Melbourne, 1977)


Note: Readers on AIDS should include as desirable reading all the books,particularly those on cancer.

AIDS The HIV Myth*, Jad Adams (Macmillan, 1989)

Roger's Recovery from AIDS*, Bob Owen, MD (DAVAR, Ca., 1987)

They Conquered AIDS, Scott J. Gregory, Bianca Leonardo (Free Of Life Publications,Ca., 1989)

Healing AIDS Naturally*, Laurence Badgley, MD (Human Energy Press, SanBruno, 1987)

Beyond AIDS: A Journey Into Healing, George Nelton (Brotherhood Press,Ca., 1988)

Conquering AIDS NOW! With Natural Treatment, Scott J. Gregory, Bianca Leonardo(Warner Books, 1986)

You Can Knock Out AIDS, Ian Brighthope, MD (Biocentres, Melbourne, Australia,1987)

AIDS & Syphilis: The Hidden Link, Harris Coulter, Ph.D (N. AtlanticBooks, Berkeley, Ca., 1987)

AIDS & Substance Abuse, Larry Siegel, MD (Harrington Park Press, 1987)

Choose To Live*, Laurence Badgley, MD (Human Energy Press, 1987)

The AIDS Book: Creating A Positive Approach, Louise Hay (Hay House Inc.,Santa Monica, 1988)

Death Rush, Poppers and AIDS, John Lauritsen, Hank Wilson (Pagan Press,NY, 1986)

AIDS: Hope Hoax and Hoopla*, Michael Culbert, D.Sc (The Robert BradfordFoundation, Chula Vista, Ca., 1989)

The Great AIDS Hoax, T.C. Fry (Life Science Institute, Austin, 1989)

AIDS Inc. Scandal of the Century, John Rappoport (Human Energy Press, SanBruno, 1988)

AIDS: A Comprehensive Investigation*, Margot Fromer (Pinnacle Books, NY,1983)

Why I Survived AIDS, Niro Markoff Assistant with Paul Kelly (Simon &Schuster, 1991)

Psychoimmunity & The Healing Process, Jason Serinus (ed.) (CelestialArts, Berkeley, Ca., 1986)