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Albrecht, William A. "Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration". Soils and Men: USDA Yearbook of Agriculture. Washington, D.C., United States Department of Agriculture, 1938.

Once each year over many decades the United States Department of Agriculture published a yearbook. This particular Yearbook of Agriculture, Soils and Men, is widely considered the best of the lot. And this article by William Albrecht may well be la crème de la crème. It is our hope to eventually present the entire yearbook online. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Albrecht, William A. "The Drought Myth: The Absence of Water Is Not The Problem." Pinched from the Acres.usa website. It is not possible at this time to determine the complete citation for this article; it could be one of three different original publications.

Explains that much of the apparency of moisture stress is subsoil infertility. Some have experienced that foliar feeding of apparently moisture-stressed crops will "cure" them. Downloads as a small PDF. COPYRIGHT STATUS UNCERTAIN

Albrecht, William A. Soil Fertility And Animal Health. Webster City, Iowa: Fred Hahne Printing Co, 1958.

One of the most important agriculture-health books ever written. Albrecht published many articles in magazines and journals, but this is is the only book. It represents his effort to encapsulate the essentials of his message. Many black and white photographs. The version of this book currently in print by Acres, USA (called The Albrecht Papers, Vol. II) offers sharper photographs than the ones in this online copy. To contact Acres, click here. Downloads as a PDF of 6.5 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Albrecht, William A. A collection of journal and magazine articles, experiment station and other government publications.

Find here what probably is Albrecht's single most important statement connecting soil fertility with animal and human health, a chapter from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Albrecht wrote, articles he wrote for Lets Live magazine, etc.

Baker, C. Alma. The Labouring Earth: A survey of agricultural conditions at home and abroad. London: Heath Cranton Ltd., 1940.

This broad, world-wide survey was primarily done from a biodynamic point of view and with considerable acknowledgment for the contribution of Sir Albert Howard. Downloads as a PDF of 969 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Balfour, Lady Eve. "Toward a Sustainable Agriculture--The Living Soil". A talk about the Haughley Experiment, given by Lady Balfour at an IFOAM conference in Switzerland, 1977.

Balfour, Lady Eve. The Living Soil: London: Faber and Faber, 1948

An organic classic. Among other things this book narrates how Lady Balfour organized a farm, Haughley, where comparative experiments were done to prove the superiority of organic methods. It also states the organic case thoroughly, passionately and reasonably. Downloads as a PDF of 1.47 mb. OUT OF PRINT

Balfour, Lady Eve. 9,600 Miles Through The U.S.A. In A Station Wagon. London: The Soil Association, 1954.

Reprinted from Mother Earth, Journal of the Soil Association, July and October 1953 and January, April and July, 1954. A stapled booklet of over 100 pages chockablock full of photos taken by Lady Balfour. Lady B and her companion drove from East Coast to West Coast and return, visiting many agriculturalists and meeting with notables of the era, including Francis Pottenger, William Albrecht, E. Pfeiffer, Cocanouer, etc. Contains descriptions of many agricultural activities as well as a most lucid and cogent presentation of the ideas of William Albrecht. Downloads as a PDF of 4.75 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Biodynamics Journal. Published from various locations since 1941.

Soil And Health Library, in collaboration with BD Now, now provides all issues of the American BD Journal from inception through January, 2008). Issues download as PDFs of about 5 mb each. OUT OF PRINT.

Burbank, Luther. Partner of Nature. Ed. Wilbur Hall. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1939.

Burbank, a brilliant and self-educated plant breeder, wrote voluminously about his work. Someday more of Burbank's writings will be found on this site. Meanwhile, this abridgment by Wilbur Hall will have to suffice. Written for the person of good intelligence but a non-specialist; Burbank's intention here was to both romanticize his profession while inspiring the young to follow in his footsteps. Downloads as a PDF of 896 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

The Case for Organic Food: an extensive collection of articles, bibliographies and miscellany. Compiled by Arun Shrivastava CMC, Director, Meristem Consultants Pvt Ltd, General Secretary, Society for Economic Development & Environmental Management, New Delhi, Director (Projects), All India Panchayat Parishad.

Arun Shrivastava has been passionately involved in attempts to upgrade Indian agriculture from its currently desperate situation. His work has demanded a full comprehension of farming systems and their effects on human and environmental health, so, a natural scholar, he has searched the world for information. Arun's personal book collection includes most of the titles in the Soil and Health library collection and then some. He has thousands of articles and other smaller bits of information in a computer database. The cream of this collection is now made available here. This collection will powerfully help satisfy the curiosity of anyone asking the questions: is organically grown food better? In what way? How is food quality connected to health? We all owe a debt of thanks to Arun Shrivastava for sharing this material.

Cato, On Farming. A classic of farming lore and practice from the golden era of the Roman Empire. Scholars usually call this book De Re Rustica (On Agriculture). A Critical English Translation by Andrew Dalby, author of Siren Feasts, a book on classic Greek cuisine.

Cato has information for everyone: on planting and maintaining olive groves, on supervising the staff, on making various loaves or gruels out of grains, on the manifold curative properties of cabbage, on getting good prices at market, and much, much more. Although modern translations exist, this is better: more readable, more accurate, more alert. The sensitive translation of this text and the translator's notes, and the work of putting it online were all cheerfully contributed to this library by Tom Jaine, who creates a small publishing company called Prospect Books. We hope you will visit their website and perhaps purchase an in-print paper copy of Cato or other books whose focus is on food. Anyone interested in working on a project to add other farming classics such as Varro, Columella, Ibn al Awam's Book of Agriculture, Jethro Tull's Horse-Houghing Husbandry, etc., please contact us. WITH PERMISSION OF COPYRIGHT HOLDER.

Joseph A. Cocannouer. Weeds: Guardians of the Soil. Old Greenwich, Connecticut: The Devin-Adair Company, 1950.

Long a much admired title amongst holistic gardeners and homesteaders. Thanks due to Keith Addison, creator of the Journey To Forever website, for supplying this fine scan. Downloads as a PDF of 1.58 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Darwin, Charles. The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the action of worms with observations of their habits. London, 1881.

A classic in naturalist observation. A grasp of the common earthworm's importance is essential to a full understanding of soil fertility and plant health. Thanks to David Price for doing such an accurate scan of this book. Contains an interesting introduction by Sir Albert Howard, taken from a Faber & Faber edition, published about 1945. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Dale, Tom and Veron Gill Carter. Topsoil and Civilization. Norman, Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma Press, 1955.

This classic survey of world history should never have been allowed to fall out of print. It demonstrates how every civilization from Mesopotamia to Rome has destroyed its agricultural resource base and thus destroyed itself. The book also looks at modern-day Europe and the United States with considerable uncertainty about the sustainability of our own system. Downloads as a PDF of 1.56 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Drummond, John. Charter For The Soil. London: Faber and Faber, 1944.

Interesting musings on how farming and overall public health should and could be improved after the war. Downloads as a PDF of 4.5 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Elliot, Robert. The Clifton Park System Of Farming. London, Faber & Faber, 1943.

Originally published in 1898 as Agricultural Changes, Elliot's thesis was soon broadened by Sir Albert Howard, Newman Turner, Louis Bromfield, etc. Elliot developed a system of laying down land to grass, dependent on little input except a complex mixture of deep-rooting pasture seeds. The pasture would be turned under after four to eight years, row crops grown until the humus levels declined to a threatening level, and then the field would be restored to grass/clover/herbal mixtures. There is a very interesting forward by Sir R. George Stapledon. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Ernle, Lord. English Farming Past and Present. Fifth Edition. London: Longmans, Green & Co., Ltd. 1936.

THE classic summary of English Farming History. Helpful, among other things, to understand the development of modern farming systems. Also, this book is great writing, of similar quality to Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Faulkner, Edward H. Plowman's Folly. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1943.

Faulkner's book created a flurry of popular interest in alternatives to "scientific" agriculture. It is probably most important for what happened in American consciousness because of the interest it created rather than because of what the book says. Downloads as PDF of 387 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Faulkner, Edward H. A Second Look. Norman, Oklahoma: University Of Oklahoma Press, 1947.

In this book Faulkner adds to and reconsiders his opinions on the topics raised in his two earlier titles, Plowman's Folly and Uneasy Money. Especially interesting is his review of the literature which makes up the essential core of this library--Balfour, Albrecht, Bromfield, Howard, etc. Downloads as a PDF of 570 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Faulkner, Edward H. Soil Restoration. London: Michael Joseph, 1953.

Faulkner's last summary of how to farm, to improve soil and to restore highly degraded farms. Downloads as a PDF of 685 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Fukuoka, M. One Straw Revolution: The Natural Way of Farming. Emmaus, Pennsylvania: Rodale Press, 1978. IN PRINT AGAIN..

We have been informed (October, 2014) that this worthy title has been brought back in print and is available through all the usual sources.

Fukuoka, M. The Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy. Tokyo and New York: Japan Publications, 1985.

Highly unusual viewpoints with a cult following. Downloads as a PDF of 6.16 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Graham, Michael. Soil and Sense. London, Faber & Faber, 1941.

Graham wrote before there was an understanding of the vital importances of both micorhizzal associations and production of phytamins by soil bacteria. But he still did a very good job of explaining the essences of sustainable holistic farming to the general public. This book can be considered a popularized companion to Elliot's Clifton Park System and may be valuable to gardeners seeking a better understanding of broad-acre farming. Downloads as a PDF of 686 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Hamaker, John D. and Donald Weaver. The Survival of Civilization. Hamaker-Weaver Publishers: Michigan/California, 1982. Special PDF edition prepared by Weaver for the world wide web in 2002. Entire books downloads as a single PDF, about 1.7 mb.

A modern book but already a classic. This study of the soil-mineralization cycle and world-wide climatic changes is made available here courtesy of Don Weaver, who generously granted permission for world-wide-web distribution of this book. Don asked that special mention be made here of another invaluable educational website, created by executive director Joanna Campe and co-workers of the non-profit organization Remineralize the Earth: http://www.remineralize.org/

Hart, Robert. De "Bostuin": Mogelijkheden om te leven en telen in harmonie met de natuur. Nederlandse vertaling: Robert Hundscheidt. 444 kb PDF. Bijgewerkte versie 2007.

Vertaling van het bekende boekje van Robert Hart, over het opzetten van een Bostuin in de stad of op het land, met een minimum van arbeid en hoofdzakelijk bestaande uit fruit- en notenbomen, en -struiken, samen met zelfuitzaaiende groenten en kruiden. Het verhaal van Hart's eigen Bostuin in Shropshire, en over het gezonde 'salade'dieet.

Henderson, George. Farmer's Progress: A Guide to Farming. London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1950.

The writer, a very successful and sagacious livestock farmer with a facility for the literary, provides excellent advices to the young who may wish to enter farming as a life-work, instructions for the existing farmer that they might be more successful, and suggestions for the general public in that they might more wisely avoid interfering with the proper conduct of farming thorugh absurd bureaucratic regulation. Henderson was a crusty, enjoyable person well worthy of spending a few hour's time with. Downloads as a single PDF file of about 1.5 mb. OUT OF PRINT

Henderson, George. The Farming Ladder. London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1944.

Henderson's first book, the story of his own youth and farming career. Contends that the farmer must also be a sagacious businessperson, personnel manager, etc., and provides sagely advice on how to so do. Great guide to creating a success as a farmer--or in any other business. Downloads as a single PDF file of 1.25 mb. OUT OF PRINT

Henderson, George. The Farming Manual: A Guide to Farm Work. London: Faber and Faber Ltd, 1930.

Henderson shares his lifetime accumulation of efficient farm methods, animal handling, including detailed instructions for newbies involving how to do physical work. Numerous photos and drawings. Downloads as a PDF of 1.9 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Hensel, Dr. Julius. Bread From Stones. Translated from the German; originaly published about 1894.

Our scan came from a paperback book that had been issued without publisher's name or date of pub. However, in it there is a relatively modern Introduction by "Raymond Bernard, Ph.D," (pseudonom for a actual Dr.) who wrote and self-published a great many holistic-health-related books but did not seem to have published the version of Hensel used here. Downloads as a PDF of about 1.5 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Hills, Lawrence D. Russian Comfrey: A Hundred Tons an Acre of Stock or Compost for Farm, Garden or Smallholding. London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1953.

The definitive and thoroughly referenced study of the growing, harvest and feeding results using all varieties of comfrey on numerous kinds of livestock and for making compost. Handsomely illustrated. Downloads as a single PDF file of 1.78 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Hills, Lawrence D. Comfey Report: The Story of the World's Fastest Protein Builder and Herbal Healer. Pauma Valley, California: The Rateavers, 1975.

Hill's final statement, information, facts and figures about comfrey. OUT OF PRINT.

Hopkins, Cyril G. The Farm That Won't Wear Out. Champaign, Ill, self-published, 1913.

Originally a series of four magazine articles appearing in The Country Gentleman, and later, responding to popular demand, published as a small book by the author himself. Explains in very few pages the way to achieve a permanent agriculture. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Hopkins, Cyril G. The Story of the Soil. Boston, Richard G. Badger, 1910.

One of the best "made-simple" holistic soil manuals ever written, all wrapped up as a romance about a bright young man with a solid ag-school education, going out to buy a farm and falling in love. WARNING. This book expresses views on race that in its day were considered normal and acceptable but in our day are viewed as incorrect, perhaps even shocking. Those who cannot overlook racist opinions should not read The Story of the Soil. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Hopkins, Donald P. Chemicals, Humus and the Soil. Brooklyn, NY: Chemical Publishing Company, 1948.

Hopkins makes the point that chemical fertilizers are effective and positive to the degree that humus remains in the soil; that the real problem with chemicals has been with some who suggest that chemicals can replace farmyard manure. Hopkins takes on the Howardites point by point and demolishes many of their positions. The book's arguments are cogent and largely correct, although Hopkins "scientific" biases distort his objectivity in areas relating to human health. This book should by carefully read by anyone that considers themselves "organic." Attached to the end of this copy are two articles from Rodale's Organic Gardening Magazine that highlight the intense antagonisms existing about this controversy at the time. Downloads as a PDF of 1.0 mb. OUT OF PRINT. A frequent correspondent of this library, Justin Naylor, has written a short and worthy article that appeared in Acres, USA about the organic/chemical controversy, using Donald Hopkin's book as a springboard. To read this piece, click here.

Hopkins, Donald P. Chemicals, Humus and the Soil: a simple presentation of contemporary knowledge and opinions about fertilizers, manures and soil fertility. London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1957.

Why does this library offer two editions of the same title? The dust jacket fly-leaf promo says: " . . . is a new and extensively revised edition of a book which has already proved its worth. Mr. Hopkins has rewritten more than 30,000 words of it, adding several new chapters and a new preface. It . . . contains much fresh information about fertilizers and their sensible use." The 1957 edition is markedly superior to Hopkins' 1948 effort. Downloads as a PDF of 1.24 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Howard, Sir Albert and Yeshwant D. Wad. The Waste Products Of Agriculture: Their Utilisation As Humus. London: Oxford University Press, 1931. Thanks to Joan Harrison for converting this book to a PDF of about 1 mb.

Probably Howard's most important scientific publication, detailing the nature, practice and significance of Indore composting, especially to Indian agriculture. OUT OF PRINT.

Howard, Sir Albert. Farming And Gardening For Health Or Disease. London: Faber and Faber, 1945.

This book is also known by the title it was given by Rodale Press in its American edition--The Soil and Health. It chronicles Howard's life history and outlines the complete breadth of his contribution. Downloads as a PDF of 1.57 mb. OUT OF PRINT

Howard, Sir Albert. Miscellaneous Papers.

Articles from periodicals by and about Sir Albert Howard. These have been supplied by numerous patrons and friends of the library. If you have any, or library access to any of Howard's agricultural journal articles (references to them can be found in his larger works) not yet available here, please contact the librarian.

Howard, Sir Albert. An Agricultural Testament. London: Oxford University Press, 1943.

Howard wrote this book for the general public with the intention of creating a new form of farming. It has gone out of print and thus is again available in this online library. Downloads as a PDF of 2.2 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Howard, Louise E. The Earth's Green Carpet. Emmaus, PA: Rodale, 1947

A poetic and concise statement of the beliefs behind the Organic Farming system. Helps to understand the spirit and passions of the early organicists as well as to better comprehend the entire cycle of soil fertility and the creation of a permanent agriculture and permanent civilization. Downloads as a PDF of 735 kb. OUT OF PRINT

Howard, Louise E. Sir Albert Howard in India. London: Faber & Faber, 1953.

A thorough and scholarly review of Albert and Gabrielle Howard's scientific career encompassing all the scientific literature and journal articles that would otherwise be virtually unobtainable. Louise Howard was the sister of Gabrielle, and became Howard's second wife and ardent supporter after the death of Gabrielle. Downloads as a PDF of 904 kb. OUT OF PRINT

Jenks, Jorian. The Stuff Man's Made Of: The positive approach to health through nutrition. London: Faber and Faber, 1959.

Starting about the year 1920 new data made it increasingly clear that soil fertility, the nutritional qualities of food and the consequent health of animals and humans were tightly inter-linked. The people at the leading edge of these discoveries wrote the books found in the Soil and Health Library. Jenks' book organises and popularises these discoveries and introduces these discoverers, put them into perspective and supplies interesting titbits of gossip and side-lights on their lives and work. The Stuff Man's Made Of will be especially useful to someone newly interested in this area of study. Thanks to Dr. John Fielder who practices near Cairns, Queensland, for the lend of this book. Downloads as a PDF of about 675 kb. OUT OF PRINT

Jenny, Hans. Factors Of Soil Formation: A System of Quantitative Pedology. New York: Dover, 1994.

One of the most important books about soil ever written. It should be thoroughly studied by anyone seeking a full understanding of soil fertility and how to handle agricultural soils. This is a scientific text that can be understood without high level maths, however, a well grasped secondary school science education and a touch of geology will go a long way towards making this book fully comprehensible. Dover has published a paperback reproduction of the original 1941 McGraw-Hill printing that sells for a very modest price. Missing from our Soil and Health Library online copy will be the modern Forward in the Dover edition, which is copyrighted material. Rendering this book has been laborious, requiring painstakingly close attention to minute details; as of mid-January, 2006, it is complete, but still probably needs a thorough proofreading to eliminate any minor errors. Downloads as a PDF of 4.89 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

King, F.C. The Weed Problem: a new approach. London: Faber and Faber LTD., 1951. With a forward by Lady Howard.

Another take on the subject of Cocannouer's more popular book. Downloads as a PDF of 600 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

King, F.H. Farmers of Forty Centuries: or Traditional Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan. 1911.

A famous classic in holistic agricultural literature. King was a masterful observer of farming; this is, if nothing else, a great travel book. To accelerate downloading this book is reproduced here without its many illustrations. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Koepf, H. H., B. D. Petterson and W. Shaumann. Bio-Dynamic Agriculture: An Introduction. Spring Valley, NY: Anthroposophic Press, 1976.

A complete introduction to the history, philosophy, techniques, and benefits of the Bio-Dynamic school of farming and gardening, which has its origins in two of Germany's creative geniuses: Goethe and Rudolf Steiner. Downloads as a PDF of 1.33 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Kolisko, Eugen and L. Kolisko. Agriculture of Tomorrow. Stroud, Gloucester, England: Kolisko Archive, original publication,1939. A Steinerian/biodnyamic viewpoint on the way agriculture should evolve. This is a rather rare book, and quite a large download, so it is divided into five parts. OUT OF PRINT.

A new organization that calls itself Kolisko Archive is operated by a descendent. Their website, www.koliskoarchive.com, sells an e-book download of Agriculture of Tomorrow for £45.00. The Archive also offers downloads of the Kolisko's other works in German. Until such time as the law considers an e-book to be the same as an in-print book on a library shelf, the Soil and Health Library shall continue providing this information at no charge.

Front matter, Table of Contents, Introduction. PDF 324 kb.
Part 1: Cosmic Influences. PDF 3.38 mb
Part 2: Smallest Entities in Agriculture. PDF 3.27 mb
Part 3: Rudolf Steiner's Suggestion . . . PDF 3.83 mb
Part 4: Where do we stand today . . . PDF 284 kb

Kolisko, Eugen and Kolisko, Lili. Die Landwirtschaft der Zukunft. Deutsche Übersetzung von "Agriculture of Tomorrow", verfasst von Lili Kolisko, erschienen in der Schweiz 1953. VERGRIFFEN.

Titel, Inhaltsverzeichnis, Einleitung. PDF 187 kb

Teil 1: Kosmische Einflüsse. PDF 4.45 mb

Teil 2: Die Wirksamkeit kleinster Entitäten in der Landwirtschaft. PDF 4.01 mb

Teil 3: Rudolf Steiners Ratschläge für eine Eneuerung der Landwirtschaft. PDF 4.09 mb

Teil 4: Wie ist die gegenwärtige Lage in der Landwirtschaft und welches ist unsere Aufgabe für die Zukunft? PDF 255 kb

Krasil'nikov, N.A. Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow 1958. Translated in Israel by Dr. Y. Halperin. Printed in the USA by the Government Printing Office. To access the list of references at the end of this book, click here:

This, the ultimate study of the microbial process in soil, is one of the most important books in the library. It has been little known since its publication. In the Soviet Union of the 30s, 40s and 50s, industrial production was scanty. Had Soviet agronomic research focused upon increasing yields through the use of chemicals, spread voluminously, the result would have been massive crop failures; chemical fertilizers and pesticides could not have been produced in large enough quantity. So Krasil'nikov focused on the biological process, and he found ways to improve plant growth by crop rotation and the use of special composts and microbial ferments of the sort that could be produced by the farmer in an old barrel. All these "primitive" solutions are based on a very high-level understanding of the microbial process in soil and the interactions between soil microbes with each other, of how crop species interact with each other via long-lasting soil residues (root exudates), and how plants and microbes interact with each other. Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants is public domain material. The original print edition was made by low quality photographic reduction of typewriten pages so letters like "e" and "a" were often misread by the OCR process. Apologies in advance for the many errors that despite very careful proofreading must still be in the text. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

von Liebig, Justus. Chemical Letters, 2nd corrected edition. London: Taylor and Walton, 1844.

A few years after publication of the Chemical Letters, Liebig presented Chemistry and its applications to Agriculture and Physiology . It goes into much more detail about soil fertility, manures, etc.; eventually it is hoped to include this book too in Soil and Health Library. Our thanks to Peter Childs, for making this fine scan of the Chemical Letters available. Peter publishes Chemistry In Action, a chemistry magazine for secondary school teachers. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Lievegoed, Bernard. The Working of the Planets and the Life Processes in Man and Earth. Lecture transcript.

Famous Biodynamic lecture given about 1950 by Lievegoed that discusses the planetary forces and their effects on plant growth and compost preparations. The document was supplied by Arjen Huese, who is a course leader in Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture at Emerson College, E. Sussex, England. Downloads as a PDF of 1.26 mb.

Lowdermilk, Walter C. Conquest of the Land Through Seven Thousand Years. Soil Conservation Service Misc. Pub. No. 32, February, 1948.

A classic review of worldwide soil erosion. Many remarkable photos showing the ruins of what were once fertile, productive places that are now desert or semi-desert that can barely support struggling people--the remnants of what were once great, flourishing civilizations. PUBLIC DOMAIN

MacDonald, William. Dry Farming: Its principles and practice. New York, The Century Co., 1909.

Downloads as a non-searchable PDF of 8 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

McDonald, Angus. Early American Soil Conservationists. Soil Conservation Service Misc. Pub. No. 449, October, 1941.

During the Roosevelt administration, many uniquely-talented people worked to improve the United States through involvement with the Federal Government. In this short, well-written "book" you can meet the people who foresaw the catastrophe of soil erosion and also learn a few things about farming, past and present. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Mitchell, Elyne. Soil And Civilization. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1946.

Mitchell, an Australian, was one of the first to attempt an integration of the new knowledge of holistic agriculture with a strong concern for the threat soil erosion posed to the sustainability of techological society. Her world view was strongly influenced by a most thorough classical education; thus the small (but deeply significant) book encompasses the whole history of western civilization. Downloads as a PDF of 431 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Oliver, George Sheffield. Friend Earthworm: Practical Application of a Lifetime Study of Habits of the Most Important Animal in the World. Oceanside, California: Oliver's Earthworm Farm School, 1941.

One of the all-time classics on the earthworm. Many thanks to Keith Addison, creator of Journey To Forever, for doing this fine scan/OCR job.Other interesting ag-related documents can be found in Keith's online library. Downloads as a PDF of 451 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Parnes, Robert. Soil Fertility: A Guide to Organic and Inorganic Soil Amendments. Originally published by Ag Access. This valuable book went out of print years ago. It was revised and updated in 2013 and republished on the internet by the author. Licensed under provisions described by www.creativecommons.org. Downloads as a PDF of about 900 mb.

Pieters, Adrian J., Ph.D. Green Manuring Principles and Practice. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1927.

A thorough review of all known information about green manuring and its contribution to the maintenance of soil fertility and the improvment of agricultural productivity. Replete with tables and photographs of great historical interest. This text took a daunting 18:10 hours to scan/ocr and format. Downloads as a PDF of 5.05 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Pfeiffer, Ehrenfried. Soil Fertility, Renewal & Preservation. London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1947. With an introduction by Eve Balfour.

Seminal book in the Bio-dynamic farming movement with statistical reports on impressive replicated studies on the effects of BD practices on health and yields. The discussions of BD preparations predates and superceeds the current fad of EM sprays and drenches. Downloads as a PDF of 1.06 mb. Total time involved in preparing this book for the internet: 11hours, 20 minutes. OUT OF PRINT.

Rayner, M.C. Trees and Toadstools. London: Faber & Faber, 1945.

The classic study of the relationships between tree roots and fungi. Rayner's work formed the basis of the organicist contention that supporting a complete and healthy population of soil microlife is essential to plant health. Thanks to Keith Addison, Creator of Journey to Forever, for doing a fine, accurate scan/OCR job on this classic book. Other interesting ag-related documents can be found on Keith's online library. Downloads as a PDF of 1.47 mb. OUT OF PRINT

Rodale, J.I. The Organic Front. Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Rodale Press, 1948.

In the first years of the American organic gardening and farming movement tens of thousands were swept up by the intense enthusiasm of J.I. Rodale Almost immediately there developed intensely polarized antagonism between the innocent "organicist" and the technologically-proficient "chemicalist." Hostilities persist to this day. Some of the causes of this conflict occurred because J.I. strongly and directly opposed powerful economic interests, but still, a great deal of this hostility may have been created by J.I. Rodale's own attitudes. The Organic Front reveals the personalities involved in the organic gardening and farming movement. Most of this book probably consisted of articles in early issues of Organic Gardening Magazine. Downloads as a PDF of 642 kb. OUT OF PRINT

Rodale, J.I. Pay Dirt: Farming & Gardening With Composts. New York: Devin-Adair, 1946.

A collection of pro-humus-farming and gardening odds and ends, mostly from early Organic Gardening Magazines. Downloads as a PDF of 1.23 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Schupan, Werner. Nutritional Value of Crops as Influenced by Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer Treatments: Results of 12 years' of experiments with vegetables. Publication details uncertain; a journal article issued circa 1973.

Article's content is as the full title states. May be the first significant study of the quality differences between organically grown and "conventional" foodstuffs. Downloads as a bitmap scan PDF of 1.5 mb. COPYRIGHT STATUS UNCERTAIN.

Smith, J. Russell. Tree Crops: a permanent agriculture. New York: Harcourt & Brace, 1929.

A list of the most important books ever written about sustainable agriculture (and human health) would include Tree Crops, as well as the books by Sir Albert Howard, the publications of William Albrecht and Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Downloads as a PDF of 11 mb. Not a bad scan job, either. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Soil and Health. Blackheath: Sir Albert Howard.

This magazine set the subsequent tone of the organic farming and gardening movement; the promotion of Sir Albert Howard's philosophy was amplified in Rodale's Organic Gardening magazine in the United States. Soil and Health was edited by Sir Albert Howard from its first issue, February, 1946 until the spring, 1948 issue. Available here are the first nine issues of this highly influencial periodical. Anyone possessing issues after spring, 1948 are requested to contact the librarian, who would wish to borrow and/or purchase them. OUT OF PRINT.

Stapledon, Sir R. George and William Davies. Ley Farming. London: Faber and Faber, 1948. Revised edition.

Frst published in 1941, this edition was updated with the assistance of William Davies. A thorough look at the use, establishment and management of grass leys, in the tradition of Robert Elliot. Downloads as a PDF of 609kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Stapledon, Sir R. George. The Way of the Land. London: Faber and Faber, 1943. Revised edition, 1947.

This is a collection of Stapledon's lectures and short essays, issued mainly in response to the stress WWII placed on feeding the population. In his time he was regarded as a highly progressive commentator, much as Wendell Barry is currently viewed. In the perspective of today's world scene Stapledon's reactionary views on the righteousness of British imperialism certainly give one doubts about how the future might look at our current crop of progressive thinkers. Downloads as a PDF of 867 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Stapledon, Sir George. Human Ecology: 2nd Edition. London: Charles Knight and Co, Ltd., 1971.

This book presents Stapledon's views on how humankind should live in relation to the earth and the soil. The book builds on Stapledon's long career as a crop researcher, followed by his high-level experience of planning food supplies during the war (WWII) years in Britain. The author considers the values that should underlie why and how society produces food — values that go way beyond today's draconian imperative of economic efficiency. The book is complemented by an introduction that provides an outline of Stapledon's life, which provides a key to understanding how he came to develop his philosophy. Secondly, and more importantly, the introduction reflects on how his views were received during his life, and so draws lessons for how we may better respond to the challenges that we now face. Although written over forty years ago the challenges of that time, such as the percipiently observed problem of peak oil, are still very much with us and have only become more acute in the years since. Downloads as a PDF of 1.4 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Strong, Richard. Soil Health Based on Organic Matter.

This brief article considers climatic and land-use factors in determining organic matter levels in soil and the consequent health of the ecosystems supported on those soils. The research underlying this article is still in progress, developing as Richard Strong can manage to afford to visit other areas. Contributed to this library by the author. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Sullivan, Preston. Sustainable Soil Management: Soil System Guide. Fayetteville, Arkansas, ATTRA.

A very understandable introduction to soil science and soil management that will feel comfortable to holistic food crop growers. ATTRA is an effort of the US Department of Agriculture to assist alternative farming. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Sykes, Friend. Humus and the Farmer. London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1946.

Sykes ran his prosperous and successful farm on Albert Howard's composting principles; the health and quality of his livestock was extraordinary. Readers should keep in mind that Sykes made a typical enthusiasts mistake in making prescriptions for all farmers. His farm was blessed with a fertile subsoil underlain with chalk. His practices might not works so well on properties without that endowment. Also contains much information about mechanized production of compost on the farm. Downloads as a PDF of 1.84 mb. Total time needed to process this book: 08:05. OUT OF PRINT.

Thomas, Chan. The Adam and Eve Story. Los Angeles: Emerson House, 1965.

This title is in this collection for two reasons: to offset Hamaker's Survival of Civilization; and because few who read this short booklet ever look at life the same way again. The most imaginative and fascinating story of a periodic catastrophe that nearly wipes all life off the face of our planet about once every six thousand years. Downloads as a PDF of 204 kb. OUT OF PRINT.

Thomas, Chan. Postlude to the Adam and Eve Story. Los Angeles, Emerson House, 1971.

Thirty some additional pages published a few years later. The document was donated by a library patron. OUT OF PRINT.

Thun, Maria. Work on the Land and the Constellations. East Grinstead, Sussex: Lanthorn Press, 1979.

A rare booklet of Maria Thun's research that is not found in her annual biodynamic sowing calendars. Included are explanations of astrological events and planting strategies. Thanks owed to Stewart Lundy (www.perennialroots.com) for providing this scan. Downloads as a small PDF. OUT OF PRINT.

Tiedjens, V.A. Olena Farm, U.S.A.: An Agricultural Success Story. New York: Exposition Press, 1969. OUT OF PRINT

Tiedjens, V.A. More Food From Soil Science: The Natural Chemistry of Lime in Agriculture. New York: Exposition Press, 1965. OUT OF PRINT

Timiryazev, Kliment. The Life of the Plant. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1958.

A classic botany text that offers a uniquely Russian viewpoint that tends toward holistic grasping of meaning obtained through observation of the obvious. Downloads as a PDF of 3.4 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Trow-Smith, Robert. English Husbandry: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day. London: Faber and Faber Ltd, 1951.

A more concise and more factually up-to-date history than Lord Ernle's English Farming Past and Present. In pleasantly reading narrative tells what Trow-Smith considers the general progress of English farming with attention paid to social/economic conditions from the time of pre-history. as well. Downloads as a PDF of 1.2 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Turner, Newman. Fertility Farming. London: Faber and Faber, 1951.

Turner's first book, a less thorough treatment of the materials developed more fully in Fertility Pastures and Herdsmanship. This valuable and important title was put back into print early in 2009 by Acres, USA and may be purchased through their website. IN PRINT

Turner, Newman. Fertility Pastures: Herbal leys as the basis of soil fertility and animal health. London: Faber and Faber, 1955.

Turner further developed Elliot's mixed grass-legume ley fertility-building techniques and writes passionately about the superiority of the organic method. This valuable and important title was put back into print early in 2009 by Acres, USA and may be purchased through their website. IN PRINT

Turner, Newman. Herdsmanship. London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1952.

Offers a hygienic view of handling diary cattle, with a full battery of natural remedies, the art of proper feeding, growing fully nutritious feed by organic methods. Especially interesting is his proceedure for TB positive animals and for curing hoof and mouth disease without mass slaughter. This valuable and important title was put back into print early in 2009 by Acres, USA and may be purchased through their website. IN PRINT

Voisin, André. Grass Tetany. London: Crosby Lockwood & Son Ltd.

Understanding how soil imbalances produce this livestock disease illuminates aspects of human health and nutritional requirements as well. A mind-expanding study, as are all of Voisin's contributions. OUT OF PRINT.

Voisin, André. Soil, Grass and Cancer: Health of animals and men is linked to the mineral balance of the soil. London: Crosby Lockwood & Son Ltd, 1959. OUT OF PRINT.

Weaver, Don. To Love And Regenerate The Earth: Further Perspectives On The Survival of Civilization. Woodside, California: Earth Health Regeneration, 2002.

Don says, "The purpose of this book is to offer the world's responsible people a non-commercial gift of potentially world-transforming information, ideas, and insights on the social, ecological and climatic problems now threatening the future of humanity and the whole Biosphere. Also, to offer potential solutions which respond to the causes of these problems, and which might empower us to wisely regenerate the Biosphere and restore health and balance to the sociosphere. The author/editor is an independent (and interdependent) volunteer researcher hoping to encourage humanity's continued awakening . . . " Don asked that special mention be made here of another website, this one created by Joanna Campe, where this title and also Hamaker'sw The Survival of Civilication can be found. That is: http://www.remineralize.org/. The entire book downloads as a single PDF file of 2.92 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Weaver, John E. and William Bruner. Root Development of Vegetable Crops. New York: McGraw Hill, 1927.

The classic study, filled with species-by-species illustrations, each worth tens of thousands of words to someone who wants to grow vegetables better. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Weaver, John E. Root Development of Field Crops. New York: McGraw Hill, 1926.

It is difficult to restrain myself from praising this book. However, Chapter I contains what may be the best basic soil's manual there is; Chapter III suggests magnificent realizations about how to grow plants with an awareness of their root activities and how that effects what one experiences above-ground. Anyone intending to grow plants well needs to study both of Weaver's books, especially the first portions of this one. Of interest to Organic growers will be Weaver's frequent citation of Albert Howard's researches in India. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

White, William N. Gardening In The South: etc (long title). Athens, Georgia: C. M. Saxton & Company, 1857

Long book and quite useful still. Downloads as a PDF(pinched from Googlebooks) of nearly 11 mb. PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Whorton, James. Before Silent Spring: Pesticides and Public Health in Pre-DDT America. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1974.

If you think the current batch of pesticides are dangerous and harmful, read about what was used before WWII. This book helps put the pesticide issue into perspective. Downloads as a pdf of about 1.2 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Widtsoe, John A. Dry Farming. New York: MacMillan, 1911.

Between the paragraphs of this book one can see how farmer's lack of ethics and greed led them to ignore Widtsoe's warnings, making the Great Plains dust bowls inevitable. I also found the dry-gardening insights here to complete my own book Gardening Without Irrigation. There are lots of clues for someone seeking to reduce their dependence on the water pump and grow their own food strictly on natural rainfall. This rendition is somewhat abridged: the original had many unnecessary (decorative) illustrations and a few too many tables containing evidence to support Widtsoe's contentions that today seem unnecessary. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Wigens, Anthony. The Clandestine Farm. London: Grenada, 1980.

Takes a fresh and inspiring look at land ownership, private property rights and what constitutes sensible ecologic-social thinking. The scan was contributed by a library patron. Downloads as a PDF of 1 mb. OUT OF PRINT.

Regarding the three Yeomans Books below: Ken Yeomans has (as of August, 2009) reissued Water For Every Farm, Yeomans Keyline Plan. It can be purchased in Australia from Createspace, from Yeomans directly in both paper and inexpensive e-book format, and worldwide through Amazon.com. Please demonstrate to Ken that putting a book online for free download in this library actually increases sales of the book in paper.

Yeomans, P.A. The Keyline Plan. Sydney: P.A. Yeomans, 1954.

After only three years of experimentation with the Keyline system, Yeomans self-published this, his first of several books. In the tradition of Louis Bromfield and Plowman's Folly, it is an eye-opening look at how to help land retain all the rainfall it receives, opening the whole soil body to root penetration and releasing the natural fertility of the land.This book became an agricultural best seller and sold out. It is still sought after by collectors. The book is offered here without restriction through the permission of Allan Yeomans, who himself is writing a book offering a cure of global warming through better farming by increasing the carbon retained in the earth as humus. Allan Yeomans also runs a farm-implement company in Queensland; a pre-publication version of Allan Yeoman's book can be read and Allan and his farm implement company can be reached at through his website.

Yeomans, P.A. The Challenge of Landscape. Sydney: Keyline Publishing PTY, Ltd., 1958.

This massive illustration-filled book is primarily a practical farming textbook focused on water conservation and small-scale dam construction and gravity-fed irrigation projects. Especially useful for practicing sustainable rainfall-dependent farming above the broad flood plain where water is always feast or famine. Made available here without restriction with the permission of Allan Yeomans.

Yeomans, P.A. The City Forest: The Keyline Plan for the Human Environment Revolution. Sydney: Keyline Publishing, 1971.

This is a tiny book of barely 100 small pages written in very compressed form, chock-a-block full of partially-developed insight. It should not be the first of Yeomans' books that a person reads, as having the background of his earlier works it will become more comprehensible. It is almost a utopian plan for human betterment, having as much or more to do with city planning and landscape architecture on a macro-scale as it does with farming. Made available here without restriction with the permission of Allan Yeomans.

Young, Gregg A. A Training Manual For Soil Analysis Interpretation in Northern California. Sonoma: Sonoma State University, 1999.

Gregg Young's in-print book, Quality First in Vineyard & Orchard Production, was originally a curriculum project submitted to Sonoma State University for Gregg Young's Master of Arts in Education. This training manual is of great value to new soil analysts. It is Albrechtian in approach and provides a thorough discussion of the reasons why the base cations (calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium) should be balanced so that approximately 60-70% of a soil's total exchange capacity should be filled with calcium. It explains how to interpret ammonium acetate extractions and how to grow great fruit, especially grapes. The book is in print and for sale by Gregg Young, but offered here as a free download with his permission.


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