A major change in values and in behaviouris beginning to occur in Australia. For too long we have been exploiting both ourcontinent and each other. Patterns of human living based on selfishness and ruthlesscompetitiveness are becoming self-destructive. A new era is dawning--equality betweenthe sexes, generosity in human relationships and honesty in negotiation. With thisgoes a respect for the environment that sustains us.

   Humankind is a bio-social species. His biological survival dependson harmonious working with Nature. Harmony comes only when we give as well as take.

   The world has paid a terrible price for the Industrial Revolutionand the advance of science. We had to be ruthless to control and harness the forcesof Nature; to become machine-like to make machines and to think like computers toconquer ignorance. But the battle is won. Now we must re-humanise ourselves and sharethe fruits of our labour. The swing away from the mistakes of the chemical solutionof biological problems, is beginning. Natural food movements suggest we are searchingfor a healthier way. The growth of community groups in ecology, welfare, educationand the arts suggest we want to become better and happier humans.

   Australia is the only continent on earth never split by warringnations or states. We are fortunate in being unimportant in the great power competition.As inheritors of the industrial era we are on the periphery of both European andAsian civilizations.

   We alone are in a position to accept the best from all continentsin ideas, people and ways of living.

   History took humanity from the tribe to the City State, to theNation State. The next step is the Continental Nation at peace with itself and withits neighbours. It is our unique opportunity and duty to become the example to therest of the world for that next step. In this process the Machine City must be replacedby the Human City. The exploited landscape must be husbanded with loving care. Thesoil which gives us life must be developed in its own living processes so that itgrows richer year by year rather than poorer. The beauty and freedom of personalspace depends on caring for the integrity of all our environment. We may not be themost varied and beautiful continent on earth, but we can and must be the most human.

   My father's work and the contributions of all Australians isneeded for the task ahead.

   Neville Yeomans.