Town planning and the polluted water of cities seems remotefrom farming. Perhaps this is one of our mistakes!

   Present developments, for the treatment of sewerage and wastewater, call for the expenditure by taxpayers of multi-millions of dollars on hugebio-chemical processing plants, not yet seen in this country. But it is all so unnecessary!

   High volume irrigation and rapid soil building techniques cancreate for us City Forests which will solve our water Pollution problem in the mostnatural and obvious way, and, at the same time give us a whole series of environmentalbenefits.

   The spin-off from these suggestions would include lower localand other government taxes, reduced sewerage charges and a valuable and continuoustimber supply from unique and beautiful forest parklands.

   The techniques which guarantee the success of the City Forestare not orthodox agricultural practices but those which my father has devised. Theyare firstly, the incredibly fast creation of deep fertile soil and secondly, thelow-cost high-speed irrigation. I saw their development over many years on our ownproperty and later their adoption by farmers round Australia.

   Allan Yeomans.