Plate 9



   This hill country does not become affected by the typical irrigation-land problems. As much good farm land is being put out of production by house building and roads, irrigated hill land is becoming the most valuable land in Australia. Lower left shows an area on "Nevallan" where Keyline-pattern irrigation was employed using the smaller flow of water. This land was in process of being irrigated when the picture was taken. Note the water in the furrows at the bottom left of the picture; 48 hours later there were no wet or unwatered spots to be found, only properly moistened soil. At lower right the man is standing at the advancing edge of the water, with the dog drinking the clear water as it flows over the newly pattern-cultivated land.

   Over the very wide areas and the range of crops suitable for its use, Keyline-pattern irrigation is claimed to be second only to correctly timed natural rainfall in its low-cost effectiveness.