Plate 31



   Native Australian trees grow rapidly or slowly according to the condition of their soil climate.

   On a property being Keyline improved, the growth of the trees will reflect the development of the improving soil and play an important part in the new landscape.

   Upper right: "Nevallan", the naturally short-lived black wattles, seen between the planted belts, have reached their peak and are dying off and will be removed this year. Our planted tree belts replace them, becoming effective wind breaks. They are longliving and produce valuable timber.

   Upper left: Spotted gums planted as six-leaf seedlings in 1955, photographed March, 1958. The taller man is six feet two inches high.

   Lower left: Author's sons illustrating eighteen-months growth of a tree belt containing one thousand Tallowwoods.

   Lower right: A spotted gum of one of our planted fiverow tree belts, four and a half years after planting.