Plate 19



   This reservoir, although not yet filled with water, is fitted to the climate and land shape and becomes a part of the new and continuously improving landscape. The whole of the water area of the dam, together with the rest of the paddock, was cultivated and sown with pasture grasses, which developed into a fair stand before the dam filled.

   This reservoir is on "Kencarley" at Orange and is called Number 2 Basin. Its construction date was put forward by some weeks to enable our Queensland field officer, then visiting "Kencarley", to participate in its design and construction, including the laying of the large lockpipe controls.

   Reservoirs are built to hold back run-off water not immedi ately required. Nevertheless, they are part of the assets of the farm, with their large water storage kept readily available for any demands. Their costs therefore become part of the ordinary working capital of the farm. There is this further point : Reserve storages hold back water for some planned future use or for an emergency, and so for these two reasons alone they are not only good income producers, but become of considerable insurance value to the whole property.