DURING the last few years we have had the pleasure of welcoming manyparties of visitors to "Nevallan" and "Yobarnie". Included weregroups of students, agriculturalists and scientists, as well as many farmers andother friends.

  Some Government agricultural officials have visited us, but as "Keyline"was not then fully developed, no explanation of this aspect of the work was discussed.Consequently, there has been, at the time of writing, no official reference to "Keyline".Every facility, however, will be afforded any Government Department should it beinterested in examining the principles of the plan on the land where it was developed.

  Also, if any other groups or organisations should wish to examinethe Keyline work, arrangements can usually be made to suit their convenience. Aswe do not live on the properties, facilities unfortunately are not available forcasual visitors. Visiting arrangements are made through the address on the titlepage of this book.

  It should also be mentioned that very little of the Keyline developmenton "Nevallan" can be seen from the roads, and none at all on "Yobarnie".There is actually less improvement in soil fertility now on "Yobarnie"after 10 years work than there is on "Nevallan" from two years of "Keyline"improvements. "Yobarnie" still contains areas of poor soil and, of course,some evidence of our earlier works. Keyline development has started and soil improvementwill probably now be rapid.

  Finally, to those farmers and graziers who will use all or any ofthe "Keyline" technique of this book, I wish them success and the sameinterest and satisfaction in the work of improving their land that I have experiencedin developing the Keyline plan on "Nevallan".