Wand Vibrators: Examples and Advice

3. Bodywand Aqua Wand Massager

A potent body wand vibrator with only one key disadvantage -- it needs separate batteries.
Even the Bodywand Aqua is one of the very best wand vibrators on this list in terms of performance and power. The different intensity settings vary from quite mild buzzing to rumbly earthquakes, or so the variance between intensities is good also.
However, like I mentioned in the outline, it has a rather major disadvantage that's impossible to overlook. It has no rechargeability and as a consequence of its energy, the Bodywand Aqua Wand Massager drains its own batteries in a couple of brief hours. There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to play with your magic wand massager, getting undressed, and... finding out your toy gets run out of juice. Using a USB-rechargeable toy, then you can plug it in and use the wand vibrator. However, in the instance of non-rechargeable wand vibrators, the only choice is to go buy batteries from the shop. A complete mood-destroyer, if you ask me.

4. Tracey Cox Supersex Wand Vibrator

Super tight budget pick -- the cheapest wand vibrator on this list. Once it works good, I have to point out that it's not rechargeable and it needs new batteries rather frequently.
This magical wand out of Tracey Cox is totally cheap, but does this actually have some value?
Well, sorta yes, even sorta no. It has rather impressive quantities of electricity, considering it's super small size. I would say that the vibrations are definitely on par with an Lovehoney Mini Massage Wand Vibrator. Additionally, it includes a whopping 10 different intensity settings. In addition, it has a much more affordable price tag, therefore this vibrating wand has its benefits.
However, I must also mention that the downsides, the main of which is the dearth of rechargeability. This wand vibrator drains its own batteries astonishingly quickly in the event you place the vibrator to great use, and it's a major disadvantage, especially for the budget-oriented clients this wand vibrator was made to be the very best for. Having to purchase new batteries each week increases the long-term price tag of the toy radically, so keep it in mind if you're taking a look at cheap wand vibrators. A toaster vibrator will probably always be a better long-term funding choice.

5. Adam & Eve Magic Wand Massager

A good wand massager, but it requires more intensity settings and a quieter motor.
While the magic wand massager in the sex store Adam & Eve is the all-around excellent item, it regrettably can not compare with the real best wand vibrators. It just has two separate intensity settings -- just one quite gentle and one super powerful setting. There's not any in-between.
This was my main complaint with this toaster. I really like the feeling of slowly moving upward between different settings, getting more and more intense as the masturbation session grows. But with the Adam & Eve Magic Wand Massager, it's just impossible to achieve this progress. You jump from mild vibrations straight to an earthquake sensation. You move 0-100 real quick with this particular thing, way too fast...

6. Actual Enrichment Peak Wand Massager

A wand massager that performs well as it functions. However, it has kind of a history of being faulty rather than needing to get the job done.
The Actual Enrichment is a somewhat rough wand vibrator, using its own 7 intensity settings, rechargeable battery, and also body created from medical-grade silicone.
Howeverit has some flaws that are difficult to ignore. Firstly, plenty of folks have had issues with its charger trick. It breaks quite easily, and if it does occur, all you can do is go back to the manufacturer. Additionally, because the only means to modify the intensity is the large"+" button in the middle, you will discover yourself getting frustrated because you can only go higher, and never lower. If you want to alter the intensity settings lower, then you can do is cycle through the most powerful settings, which is ridiculous. I can not just recommend the Pure Enrichment because the ideal wand vibrator for anybody, but as a result of the rather good overall score it's, I still decided to incorporate it in this wand vibrator review.

Selecting the Finest Wand Vibrator

Selecting the ideal wand vibrator for yourself is not rocket science. All You Have to do is ask yourself the following three main questions:

What's my budget?

Evidently, this will be the very first thing that you need to take care towards. Everyone loves a good deal, and no one likes to waste more money than required. Therefore, pick a price point which you're familiar with, and proceed from there. If you don't Have Sufficient money to even buy food, then purchasing yourself a 160 wand vibrator isn't obviously the cleverest idea

2. How successful do I need my pockets vibrator to be?

For me personally, the more energy a vibrator gets, the greater. Simple as that. However, wand vibrators are a particularly strong kind of vibrators, so if you haven't owned a sex toy before, then you should start with something more accessible, like the Lovehoney Mini Massager. If you jump right to the very best wand vibrator, the Hitachi, you might be so shocked with the energy that you will never get a sex toy again.

3. Do I would like a USB-rechargeable wand vibrator or a battery-powered ?

For me, the choice is fairly clear -- USB-rechargeable is the way to go. But, battery-powered vibrators tend to be more economical, and they are always cordless. These are just two great benefits, but frankly, I'd still advocate USB-rechargeable wand vibrators as the very best choice for most of you.

How to Utilize a Wand Vibrator

Employing a wand vibrator is comparatively simple. All you need is your vibrating wand, a bit of water-based lubrication, plus a naughty mood!
After implementing lube and becoming a comfortable position (try putting on your back, putting your legs at a 90-degree angle and then relaxing your muscles), you're ready to go.
Consider starting off with all the lowest intensity setting in your own vibrator, and gradually moving the vibrator from the clit. Transfer the wand up and down, while the head of the batter rotates round itself. Watch what senses you like the most and select from there, simply shifting up to the higher intensity settings.
You shouldn't really try to insert the wand vibrator, since this is not exactly what it is meant for. Wand vibrators are meant for outside stimulation, and they are completely excellent at it.
Should you start off fast with the greater intensity settings, then you should have the ability to climax in under 1 minute. Seriously, that's how powerful these things are. Try finding yourself some guy who can achieve the same. It is impossible!

Where to Purchase a Wand Vibrator

As you may have guessed from that wand vibrator review, my best recommendations about where to get a wand vibrator are both Lovehoney and Adam and Eve. They generally have the best deals anywhere, and they are consistently trustworthy. Furthermore, if you purchase from them, you will consistently get your package within 1-2 working days, with no any exception.
You may be tempted to purchase one of the inexpensive wand vibrators from Amazon, but I'd counsel you against this. Amazon is filled with imitation and faulty copies of sex toy brands. They won't be nearly as powerful as the actual item, and in some cases, they're dangerous to utilize.
Even if I see a toy being available for a less expensive price on Amazon, I end up going with a genuine sex toy online store in the end. You might call me mad, but I call it being protective of my sexual health. After all, I still don't need a faulty Chinese vibrator bursting inside my vagina...