Smoking or Snus - what is safer?

Such alternatives to smoking as hookah, vipes, nicotine patches, etc have already entered into our lives for a long time. However, even today few people have heard about what Snus is and its advantages over other types of tobacco use. Today we will compare in more detail what is better and safer - smoking or Snus? Buy Snus at one of the best shops, Snus24. Here you will get answers about what is safer - smoking or snus.

Snus features

Snus was originally banned in all countries except Sweden. That is why many smokers call this product no other than "Swedish Snus" (and, regardless of the country of manufacture).

The process of making Snus is quite simple. Tobacco leaves are pressed and placed in small bags. After that they can be placed between the lip and gums. In a few minutes nicotine (as well as other auxiliary substances that are contained in the bag) penetrate into the saliva and have the appropriate effect. A little later, nicotine penetrates the blood and a few hours later comes out of the body.

Today Snus is produced in several variations:

  • Portion. Ideal for those who try chewing tobacco for the first time. Handy bags contain enough tobacco for a single use.
  • Loose. They allow you to make a portion yourself and have a more intense taste.
  • Many people wonder about age limits for a tobacco product such as Snus from which age it can be consumed? As with any other tobacco-based product with a high nicotine content of Snus, you may only buy tobacco products if you are over the age of majority. Excessive use of chewing tobacco has a negative impact on an adult's body. What can be said about a child's immature body?

    Advantages of Snus

    Why did Snus become so common among smokers all over the world?

  • It can be used in places where smoking is strictly forbidden. For example, you can take a tobacco product to a discotheque, concert or other event.
  • The fight against smoking. Does Snus help to quit smoking? Yes! Many people use it just for this purpose.
  • Cigarettes can contain carcinogens and substances that are highly addictive. Snus contains mainly nicotine, which means that the product composition is much cleaner.
  • The lack of products of combustion, which can lead to cancer.
  • Absence of smoke and, as a consequence, the preservation of lung health.
  • As mentioned above, the basis for Snus is quality tobacco leaves. However, there are also non-ticky options. For example, Hippe Snus - large pieces of fruit with nicotine are placed under the lip and allow you to quit smoking more quickly.

    The main thing to remember is that there is quite a lot of nicotine in Snus. Therefore, in order to avoid getting used to it, you should not get too carried away with chewing tobacco. Also it is not recommended to buy it for people suffering from cardiovascular disease. In all other cases, Snus is an ideal alternative to smoking. Now you do not need to look for a secluded place to smoke a cigarette or smoke on others - small bags are convenient to use and take with you.

    It doesn't matter whether you buy Snus to quit smoking or want to order tobacco products for your pleasure. In any case, you should be careful about your choice. Give preference to quality snow drizzle from proven brands to be sure of product safety.