How to choose ski to the child who will arrange in all respects

Often, moms and dads who fell in love with a ski sport, want to teach their child to ride as early as possible. To surprise, mostly children are not afraid to become skiing. They are very passionate about workouts, especially if the teacher conducts them in a game form. Children are very flexible, and learning in the form of a game gives them great pleasure.

Before you teach a child to ride and go on a winter holiday, he needs to choose skiing, which will fit perfectly under his weight, growth will be comfortable and safe.

Do I need to buy skis to immediately

Each parent will seem to be that to have their own equipment is much better than each time the rental service every time. In addition, children's skis are not so expensive as adult gear.

But if the child is just starting to study, you should not immediately spend money on the purchase of personal products. After all, parents cannot be sure for sure that this sport will have to do with him. And due to the fact that children grow rapidly, it is unlikely that this equipment is suitable for them next year. It is worth remembering. This is especially true of those situations where you are in the ski resort.

What material are children's skis

International companies, production skiing for the smallest, designate them as Junior. There are such options:

- Wooden equipment. It can still be found in the store. For the period of teaching the baby they will fit perfectly. In addition, it is inexpensive. They are resistant to frosty days and can greatly slide, but they need to lubricate them with a special means. Without it, skis quickly absorb moisture, becoming very heavy. They have one drawback - they can quickly break;

- Plastic equipment, which is easily ease. In addition, it is practically durable. But the ease for the baby, who is just learning to ride, will be a disadvantage. It is important to inspect the equipment well to check its anti-slip notches. If there is no, then the child will not be able to get real pleasure from skiing.

Important tips parents

You can not buy ski boots for increased, because they must fully make the leg to avoid injuries.

Since the shoes can stretch over time, you need to additionally buy blank insoles.

When choosing a skis, it is necessary to pay attention not to the brand, but for compliance with the weight category and their convenience in use.

It is impossible to acquire on the gross sticks for skis, because they will not be comfortable to the child.

For children it is better to buy a helmet.