Casino online - the original novelty

In the market of any virtual casino there are many tacit and unspoken rules. But the most important of them is the constant development, experiments with design and content, as well as the regular opening of new resources.

Main offers

As in any other online gaming club on the Internet, the majority of content here is occupied by slot machines. A few dozen of the most popular of them are already presented on the start page of the portal, but a much larger number awaits you in the relevant thematic rooms. Switch to any of them from the main menu of the resource, the ordering system of slot machines classical - by popularity, novelty and company-manufacturer. Using three such powerful filters allows you to sort out the offers site visitors most effectively.

In addition to slot machines on the top ten online casino you can find:

  • card games of many types - from classic video poker to baccarat;
  • Several varieties of roulette - the calling card of any casino;
  • lotteries for the most active players.

Additional site features

The new portal has an attractive design that uses colors close to the original, but still new. The same can be said about the accompanying functionality of the virtual casino. For example, information feeds are as much as three - current winnings, news and the state of affairs in tournaments taking place on the site.

Social networking support, attractive bonus program for newcomers, qualitative feedback available at any time of the day or night - the site is OK with this. But special attention should be paid to the set of ugly gray icons in the lower right corner of the home page.

Not many people know what they mean, but for those who understand the matter, they are a sign of the quality of the site. First of all, these icons are certification of information security, guaranteeing the safety of your personal data and anonymity of financial transactions. In the second - the system of control of honesty of the institution, allowing anyone to make sure that each slot on the site behaves in accordance with the laws of the theory of probability, and not trying to play along with the institution.