Biocosmetics: What is worth knowing

The dominance of gennomified products in all spheres of life is tired. And more and more people seek to acquire natural products, useful and safe. Such a tendency is also observed in the cosmetic sphere, where biocosmetics are gaining particular popularity.

Biocoster is called the cosmetics, which includes only natural organic components. These are a variety of vegetable oils and extracts, as well as components of animal origin.

Many manufacturers are trying to focus on the naturalness of their products, even if its composition is a completely minor amount of natural ingredients. But the right to be called biological cosmetics has only those products that are fully manufactured on the basis of natural raw materials. And many companies (both foreign and domestic) build their activities exclusively at the production of organic natural cosmetics.

All natural cosmetics can be divided into two types: produced from vegetable and animal raw materials. Vegetable cosmetics (or phytocosmetics) consist of natural substances extracted from a variety of plants.

Such cosmetics gently and favorably affects the skin, cleans, moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates it. But the components of phytocosmetics have their own characteristics, so before the use of cosmetics containing plant extracts, it is better to consult with a beautician to correctly choose cosmetics for a certain skin type.

Cosmetic products with components of animal origin are known for their therapeutic and regenerating properties. Beeteric milk milk, extract from leeches, placenta, mink fat is actively used in the cosmetic sphere. Due to its natural properties, such ingredients make biological cosmetics extremely effective.

In order for the use of cosmetics of natural origin brought only the benefit of your beauty and health, it is necessary to accommodately approach its choice. Decisive criteria when choosing one or another biological cosmetics should be the reputation of a trademark, a list of ingredients that make up and the presence of a sign on obtaining a certificate.

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