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How To Choose Your People

Associating with some people leads to positive useful experiences. Others seem to bring misfortune and failure with them. Developing the ability to quickly recognize which sort of person you're communicating with makes life go a lot more smoothly.
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Ups And Downs

How to keep one's emotional/spiritual head above water in the storm of life by applying the wisdom found in How To Choose Your People.
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The Seventh Level: A Sexual Progress

This book contains frank descriptions of sexual behaviour between consenting adults, sometimes in quite rude language. But it is not pornographic. It describes the spiritual odyssey of a man and woman who use sex making as the path to total love.
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Freedom Of Life

Annie says that simple wisdom "may be entirely incomprehensible to many minds, but to those who do comprehend, it represents a very real and practical help."
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Nerves And Common Sense

To the best of our knowledge, this represents the last book comprising Annie Call's lifetime output. It consists of 30 brief essays, many of which were originally magazine articles.
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How To Live Quietly

Which one of us doesn't ultimately wish to live QUIETLY, no matter what else we may wish to accomplish in our time here on earth?! Annie Payson Call answers a very important question, and that is: how to go about finding peace of mind in this life, or simply "peace."
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