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Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open is about CIA coordinated child trafficking operations; Project MK Ultra in Australia; Project MK Delta Child Soldier Program; Occult ritual abuse and mind control operations; trauma based forced disassociation methods.
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Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough

By laying responsibility on Martyn Bryant for the Port Arthur massacre, Australians were severely restricted from owning firearms. The truth is: Martyn Bryant was an innocent victim like so many other mind-controlled slaves who have been used to suppress liberty. Here is the proof.
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Akhunaton: The Extraterrestrial King

Humans have long used myth to explain reality. Amongst other mysteries, this work of "fiction" explains the origins of our species and the reason evil predominates on this planet. If nothing else, it's a mighty good read.
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9/11: The Ultimate Truth

This book is about the nature of evil and why psychopathic personalities almost inevitably take control of bureaucracies and governments. Much of this book is "way out there." Jadczyk's statements about Jews may likely be seen as anti-semitic by those who are touchy about the subject, so be warned if that is yourself.
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