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Miscellaneous Papers of John E. Weaver

The University of Nebraska put a large collection of John Weaver's publications online for free download. The Soil and Health Library is mirroring this material. Select this item to see the full list of publications with download links to them.
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Loss Of Soil Organic Matter And Its Restoration

Once each year over many decades the United States Department of Agriculture published a yearbook. This particular Yearbook of Agriculture, Soils and Men, is widely considered the best of the lot. And this article by William Albrecht may well be la crème de la crème. It is our hope to eventually present the entire yearbook online.
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Bread From Stones

The book(let) asserts that animal manure is "unclean." Fertilizing with manures produces less nutritious food. The proper way to farm or garden is by remineralizing with rock dusts.
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