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Staircase Farms of the Ancients

"Astounding farming skill of the ancient Peruvians, who were among the most industrious and highly organized people in history." This is the subtitle of this article documenting a 1915 expedition to Peru to investigate the old Incan and pre-Incan farming techniques and culture. Their terracing systems are unparalleled.
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Miscellaneous Papers of John E. Weaver

The University of Nebraska put a large collection of John Weaver's publications online for free download. The Soil and Health Library is mirroring this material. Select this item to see the full list of publications with download links to them.
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Soil And Civilization

Mitchell, an Australian, had a strong concern for the threat soil erosion poses to the sustainability of technological society. The small (but deeply significant) book encompasses the whole history of western civilization.
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Human Ecology: 2nd Edition

This book presents Stapledon's views on how humankind should live in relation to the earth and the soil. Although written over forty years ago the challenges of that time have become more acute in the years since.
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