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Here’s a sampling of my shorter writings. I hope you enjoy them. None of these are copyrighted except “The Future of Money,” a story I pinched.

Bossie The Moocow Who Did Not Go To Who Knows Where. This is a childrens’ story really intended for the adult spiritual seeker. It pokes gentle fun at spiritual seeking, is a metaphor on the life of Buddha. Public domain.

Earthgovernment. A satire comparing politicians to gangsters. Public domain.

José Cuervo, The Black Chicken. A fledgling crow I’m raising is threatened by our cats. Using intention and “esp” I make the cats believe José is a black chicken. Public domain.

How Government Makes Us Poor, Made Simple. A silly, simple parable that is true. Public domain.

Keeping Up With The Smiths. Two young families take opposite ways to success; the Joneses fall behind; the Smith’s thrive. Public domain.

The Future of Money. A short moral tale about interest and the evils of usury. Pinched from another source, not by Steve Solomon.

The Theory of Surplus Value. A summary of Karl Marx’s analysis of why the business cycle happens, with an analysis of the current scene and investment advices.

The Gods of the ‘Mer’cans. An essay (not quite finished but too funny and too revealing to leave unavailable) about Americans and their beliefs.

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