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The Anglo American Establishment

Quigley's books interest those investigating the Illuminati or other high-level conspiracies. In this title Quigley traces the history of a secret society founded in 1891 by Cecil Rhodes. Quigley says this group caused the Second Boer War, the founding of the Union of South Africa, the replacement of the British Empire with the Commonwealth of Nations and a number of Britain's foreign policy decisions in the twentieth century.
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Chemicals, Humus and the Soil

Chemical fertilizers are effective and positive to the degree that humus remains in the soil; chemical fertilizers cause problems only when they completely or substantively replace farmyard manure. Hopkins takes on the Howardites point by point and demolishes many of their positions.
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The Teaching of Buddha

A lecture on Buddhism based of the reports of an early Westerner who traveled to Tibet and spent years studying the Buddhist teachings there, and who wrote the first Tibetan - English dictionary and grammar.
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Your Engineered House

Roberts was a master builder; he takes the reader step by step through considering the intelligent design and construction of wooden houses. Roberts reconsiders materials, design principles and popular building styles that aren't really sensible.
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