Creative Menopause: Illuminating Women’s Health & Spirituality

For men, this is a fascinating look at the inner life of women. And for women it is full of wisdom and helpful information about how to age with grace and dignity.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

In the 1930s Dr. Price documented highly isolated communities that enjoyed extraordinary health, long life and virtual immunity to dental disease. Price visited remote parts of Scotland, Switzerland, Canada, Alaska, Peru, Africa, Down Under, etc. All of these communities were so isolated that they did not have access to industrial foods. Many interesting photos.

Voedingen Degeneratie Gedetaileerde boekbesprekingen

Die mensen die in de Verenigde Staten wonen of in andere landen waar deze titel geen openbaar bezit is, en die dus niet legaal toegestaan is om dit boek in te zien zonder inbreuk op het copyright, kunnen deze gedetaileerde boekbesprekingen in zien. Steun echter s.v.p. de Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, en koop het hele boek gedrukt in boekvorm.

Fertility Farming

Turner’s first book, a less thorough treatment of the materials developed more fully in Fertility Pastures and Herdsmanship.


The art of handling diary cattle, with a full battery of natural remedies and a discussion of proper feeding, handling TB positive animals and curing hoof and mouth disease without mass slaughter.

One Straw Revolution: The Natural Way of Farming.

We have been informed (October, 2014) that this worthy title has been brought back in print and is available through all the usual sources.

Fertility Pastures: Herbal leys as the basis of soil fertility and animal health

Turner used Robert Elliot’s system and writes passionately about the superiority of the organic method.

Possum Living: How To Live Well Without A Job and With (almost) No Money

We think anyone seeking independent self-sufficiency should meet Dolly Freed.

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