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  • Fasting, Hydropathy and Exercise: Nature’s Wonderful Remedies for the Cure of all Chronic and Acute Diseases
    MacFadden, Bernarr and Felix Oswald

    A young healer’s enthusiastic encouragement to use fasting, exercise, cold water and dietary reform–especially the one meal per day plan–to cure disease. Interesting muscle pictures and daring (for the time) muscle-nudes.

  • Health via Food
    Hay, William Howard, M.D.

    Dr. Hay began his practice in 1891. The first sixteen years were spent in regular medicine and surgery. When his own health broke down he began studying alternative approaches and became a naturopath; his main "weapon" was water and water fasting. Hay was a strong proponent of colon cleansing.

  • Scientific Fasting: The Ancient and Modern Key to Health
    Hazzard, Linda. B., D. O.

    One of the wisest books ever written about natural hygiene and especially about water fasting. Dr. Hazzard had decades of personal practice. Also contains a great deal of advice about handling children.

  • Triumph Over Disease by Fasting and Natural Diet
    Goldstein, Jack

    A testimonial; the story of a young man whose body had been so severely damaged by conventional medical treatment for ulcerative colitis that he was near death. In the nick of time he discovered natural hygiene, fasted for over 40 days and began to recover health and enjoyment of life.

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