Recent additions to the library

Date added Title Original author Libraries
9 May, 2019 La sur veillance de votre tension peut vous sauver Coca, Arthur F., MD Alternative Medical Therapies, Health Library
20 January, 2019 L.C. Vincent Bio-Electronic Methodology Fougerousse, Andre Alternative Medical Therapies, Health Library
2 December, 2018 Soil Fertility and Permanent Agriculture Hopkins, Cyril G. Agricultural Library
9 July, 2018 Staircase Farms of the Ancients Cook, O.F. Agricultural Library
7 May, 2018 The Vegetable Garden Mm. Vilmorin-Andrieux Agricultural Library, Homesteading
14 February, 2018 Esther Deans’ Gardening Book Deans, Esther Homesteading
12 February, 2018 Soil, Grass and Cancer (not searchable) Voisin, André Agricultural Library
6 February, 2018 Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Price, Weston A., D.D.S Health Library, Longevity and Nutrition
4 October, 2017 Remineralisering je bodem zoals die van Hunzaland Solomon, Steve met Erica Reinheimer. Copyright Nederlandse vertaling Rob Hundscheidt. Homesteading
24 May, 2017 Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status Maxwell, Mary W., PhD, LLB Alternative Medical Therapies
17 May, 2017 Gardening In Tasmania: a handbook Raphael, T.D. Homesteading
17 May, 2017 A Manual For Students of Massage Ellison, Mary Anna Alternative Medical Therapies
3 January, 2017 A History of the Vegetable Kingdom Rhind, William Agricultural Library
3 November, 2016 Tracing the History of Organic Sustainable Agriculture Gold, Mary V. Agricultural Library, Library Resources
25 October, 2016 Das Urgesetz der natürlichen Ernährung Sommer, Walter Longevity and Nutrition
14 September, 2016 Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough Maxwell, Mary and Dee McLachlan Personal Sovereignty Library, Social criticism
11 August, 2016 Hitler’s Carmaker: The inside story of how General Motors helped mobilize the Third Reich Black, Edwin Social criticism
6 August, 2016 Cairo To Damascus Carlson, John Roy Social criticism
5 August, 2016 Appendices to Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psycho-Civilize You Boward, Walter H. Social criticism
5 August, 2016 Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psycho-Civilize You Bowart, Walter H. Social criticism
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